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Monday, April 30, 2012

TRAINING QUICK TIP OF THE WEEK: “I Just Don’t Have Time to Workout”

AH, really?
Anyone who thinks they resemble that remark, step up.
I speak to my clients about this constantly. Them and everyone else I run into who happens to know what I do.

Since todays title screams “Quick Tip”, let’s get right to the point shall we? This ‘mini Blog Post’ is gonna hurt. It’s quite like ripping of a Band-Aid. Even though you know it’s gonna sting, you eventually have to do it or the wound won’t heal.  SO pull hard, here it goes: 
For Decades now, whoever’s held the office of Commander and Chief of this fine Country has FOUND THE TIME TO WORKOUT….and you can’t?

Anybody want to cry uncle now? I suggest you do because I’m about to run a Full Throttle - No Excuses Play at your weak side, so changing one’s mind while you can here is suggested.
I mean Let’s Face it. Some of the excuse makers out there need a good swift ‘Tough Love Hit’ straight between the eyes.
 So here goes a Presidential Head Butt or two:

*Obama personal trainer says "no time" is no excuse…

It's about a mindset, McClellan said (personal trainer to President Obama).

"People have to first understand the benefits," said McClellan, who serves on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. By exercising and reaping its benefits on health and stress relief, he said, "it is how we can maintain these busy lives, and how we can sustain them."
I love it and it’s so true.

Ok, so presidents are too far removed from everyday life for you to relate…. I get it.
So, how about my longest standing client? She’s in her 60’s and has the physique of a 30 yr. old who works at it. She holds down two jobs, has raised two children (some would say her husband makes three), has had breast cancer twice with resulting mastectomies and has never missed a beat in her workout schedule. You want to belly up to HER and wine about your time management woes?
But you can’t squeeze out 45 minutes; much less consider pulling off the dreaded, appalling 60 minutes it takes for a strong solid hour of training. Nahhh, it’s simply the only help to health you may have for the only body you’re gonna get. Sure you wanna go toe to toe with her on that one? I’m just saying….

How about me? Wanna run those excuses by me? Come on. If you’re sold on it, hold to it right?
What do I know about getting the job done? I’m only up before dawn, DAILY. I run this company from top to bottom, mainly without assistance.  I write and publish articles anywhere from 3 to 5 days per week. I run all the Social Media Network Marketing for my company. I create, produce and am featured in, as well as edit and post all of our videos on the YouTube Channel and all of my audio cardio workout albums sold on Itunes. I train several clients daily as well as deal with my online business.  I do the news on the weekends. I spend time with and nurture a magnificent, loving 30 yr. relationship with my husband - which he and I have worked incredibly hard to maintain (as all long – strong marriages have to). I have raised two fabulous daughters and work daily creating choreography, music for cycle rides and write all the content for our website.
 At the end of all that, being a professionally sponsored PowerBar Team Elite athlete,  I have to put in anywhere from one to two and a half hours or training 6 days per week without exception.

Still sticking to your guns? I didn’t think so. Hey, if you choose to blow it off because you’re tired…OWN IT! But please, don’t make excuses. It’s just tacky.
AT the end of each week I suggest you do what I do. I pull out my schedule and PLUG MYSELF IN. When 1:00 on Tuesday comes, I’m now unavailable because I just marked it down as an appointment with myself.

If you say you want it, you owe it to yourself to DO IT. Everyone can find an hour out of every 24. Once again, the words of Yoda are quite fitting
“Do or Do not, THERE IS NO TRY”
I’ll leave you with more wise words from Cornell McClellan, Obama’s trainer….If our Commander and Chief takes his advice…I think it’s probably wise;

*Personal trainer Cornell McClellan was working out with President Obama one morning when he had a revelation.

"Being a personal trainer is just like being the president," McClellan told Obama, whom he has trained for 11 years.

That certainly got the president's attention.

"We're faced with similar things," McClellan said. "We have people that come to us, and they've created conditions or situations that maybe we've had nothing to do with, and immediately they want us to change it. Even if they don't do what they're supposed to they're upset with us when it's not changed. So I thought our jobs were pretty similar."
Obama agreed!

In the most sincere loving concern for us all as a nation,
* Madison Park, 22 News  WWLP.COM 12/23/11

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