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Friday, May 4, 2012


Alas, yet another surgery. IF you've been reading my blog, any of my online profiles or have attended any of my speaking engagements, you know a bit about my medical history, etc. If not, WELCOME! You have stumbled upon a unique post.

I’m not going to go into that history here today. The short of it is that I have tried to count the number of surgeries I have had and I usually give up before I can get there...I just get lost in a sea of hospitals, complication horror stories, and stitches.
 In fact, one night...we made a game of it (you have to laugh at this stuff folks) and my husband still claims he won. With pen and paper in hand, we had a contest to see who could list how many surgeries I'd had and where I'd had them, (meaning what state we lived in, what hospital, etc.) in a timed speed round. When the buzzer went off, we were still writing. That should help put the number of times I've laid down on the cold steel table into perspective.

 I've had well over a dozen  - most likely closer to 20, but I can't seem to come up with 24...however including yesterday, apparently…. I'm working on it! It’s part of my life and God has been right by my side - comforting and encouraging me every step of the way.

 I've learned to live by keeping time with the rhythm I've been assigned;  I'm cut, I recover and I get back up again.... running and living as hard and fast as I possibly can until I reach the next stop sign. My story is typical of one living with birth malformations and subsequent disease and from the stories I’ve heard from others, I consider my life to be nothing other than a beautiful, blessed BREEZE!

 I love life, It ROCKS and I strive to learn from each experience. My hope is that with each new "time out", I am not only strengthened, but that I slowly am becoming more compassionate, empathetic, and genuinely kind.

SO, while I continue to mend from this brand new episode of the "Character Building Class Room" called Surgery, I'll be posting a "BEST OF SERIES". It's my four part Wellness Series on "My Ten Minute Stress Reduction Cure". Take it from one who has LEARNED how to roll with the punches. This is a series I suggest you not only read, but STUDY.  I hope and pray you'll not only enjoy this up coming "Best of Series", but that you'll also be blessed by it. I’ll be posting “Part I” tomorrow.

We expect I'll be back in the saddle very soon. 

Until then,
I'll keep striving to learn how to suffer with dignity and class....

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