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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WEDNESDAY'S WELLNESS - "Are You Having Any Fun"?

"Are you having any fun"?
I bet whereever and whatever this post finds you doing,  this must seem a rather superfluous question at best now doesn't it?   There are still many pressing  items that remain unchecked on our "To Do Lists" for the day and I'm  asking  irreverent and distracting quesitons like "Are ya having any fun"?
I'm hearing responses coming at me in my mind's eye of reality like .... "Sorry, but not interested. Ask someone who cares please, I need to get back to work"!
Well in this scenario it appears the answer is NO. This hypethetical respondent  is apparently not only a bit prerturbed by the whimsical and silly nature of such a question but by the obvious interruption inserted into their rigid and hectic schedule in general. Hey, I won't lie. I'd have to say I'd probably feel exactly the same if I weren't the one asking.  Considering the size of my TO DO LIST still left unchecked at this hour of the day. Yea, if I'm gonna be real and transparntly honest, I get it.  Don't you?
What am I getting at here?
Well, being that today's offering is this week's addition of our "Wednesday's Wellness" seems more than applicable to atttend to one of my 'TEN COMMANDMENTS' of WELLNESS; BALANCE. Untimately, the goal of balance concludes with the overall ideal of  LIVING  our lives with a strong hold of this BALANCE  threaded and woven throughout our daily EXISTENCE. Of course the reality is that this self proclaimed WELLNESS COMMANDMENT , like all the Biblical commandments (that were once written in stone and now ultimately on our hearts), will  never completely be conquered, or fully realized by any of us on this side of eternity. Why? Because we are imperfect  beings. But, we are imperfect Beings that have been given human hearts. Hearts that desire and therefore strive for perfection non the less (thus the irony of it all. It's our built in want for perfection that keeps us from nailing the Balance we say we strive for and desire). It's all enough to make your head spin isn't it.
SO, back to the question.  I'm reflecting back to a time in my life when I had let things get so out of balance that it was apparently quite obvious to everyone around me, except of course...ME! With a budding career, taking care of my responsibilities as a young mother and my goal to be a wife who attended to all of her husband's needs, I'd apparently forgotten to lighten up.
So one day out of left field, my friend lookd at me across the table and asked, "You know, You don't have any fun do you"? I was appalled...and of course we went back and forth until I stopped, sat back in my chair and just stopped. SHE WAS DEAD RIGHT! I was existing and working and doing and not laughing and enjoying all the love and blessings that God was showering down on me"! She's a good friend. A quick and out of the blue wake up call. SO, as I prepare to take a trip to Hawaii in two days, I have found myself once again, NOT HAVING ANY FUN....and my conscience was stung by the reality of this all to familiar feeling. "BALANCE MY FRIEND, BALANCE".
SO, as I prepare to share a sip of champagne with my husband and walk away from my unchecked TO DO LIST, I will do so today with no guilt and a heart filled with gratitiude for a freind who had the guts to shake me back to a strong sense of BALANCE.
So, if I may. "Are you having any fun"? Don't over think it.  IF not, something is out of balance. FIX IT NOW. You'll have to do it agian someday, but each day we get it right, is a day we live in the present and that my friend is a gift not only to yourself, but to all of those around you.

Until Tomorrow,
Your sister in the battle to live ABUNDANTLY...

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