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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TUESDAY'S TRAINING TIPS - "Fabulous Shoulders the Hollywood Way"


Today, once again, you get a break from reading and a chance to sit back for about five minutes and WATCH what my words cannot best convey. A shoulder routine that will make you look like a STAR. It's not a TRICK...there are none that work in the long run, rather a sound technique that the star trainers are privy to, to get their clients looking "V" shaped and Red Carpet Ready. Building one's Delts is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of the upper body. In addition, it creates the appearance of a little waist line. I'm not talking about FLAT ABS. As I explain in this video, you must work for those. Having the appearance of a washboard (six to eight pack) set of abs, can be aided by the help of building beautiful more well developed shoulders. But for people like me, born without an indention at the waist (my body is best built for a Boy Cut Jean), this shoulder routine will help you to appear to have one by creating more of a figure eight physique. Just the way shoulder pads used to back in the day. There was a reason designers used them!!!! 
IN addition, if you have broad hips and wish you didn' actually works to help them become more proportionate to the rest of your body by popping those beautiful shoulders out.
Watch and give it a try. BE consistent and you'll see results.

Until Tomorrow,
Power on,
Coach Candace

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