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Monday, September 26, 2011

MONDAY'S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE..."My Secret That's Saved My Ability to Write"!

So, last day off and back to the full time Rodeo tomorrow. Therefore, one last 'slightly unusual' posting for me on a Monday's Motivational Minute. But I AM SOooo glad I took the time to post this. You will find this on my website in my "Candace's Favorite Things Store". However, for me, this has been such a  Motivational Miracle, that it is truly the ONLY reason we can come up with for why I was able to bring my blog back to life after struggling for two years with a nearly "knock down and out" severe form of my Chronic Fatiuge. It is related to my neck an head trauma from my accident, my fracutred neck and my subsiquent surgery to hold it together and the related contribution of my FibroMyalgia! I know..I REALLY  REALLY  KNOW what you may be thinking and I swear if you are thinking it...I'm thinking it even more , but if you knew me really well you would be shocked right along with me that I am saying this. Actually for those of you who do, a moment please people, while they lift themselves from the floor. The truth for ME is below. It is what it is...and by God's grace I am so glad. I have never tried anything natural that has EVER WORKED LIKE THIS FOR ME, so, Monday's Motivational Minute? Yeah..this is it!

THIS IS THE PRODUCT THAT YOU JUST WON’T WANT TO BE WITHOUT! As a professional athlete, I have been asked for years to try products from A to Z in the hopes I'd endorse them. AND DID I...? NOT ONE! I was asked to wear Energy Care® Sports Bands as I left on my last trip to Hawaii. A dear friend, whom I respect tremendously, suggested this. I expected NOTHING, as usual. I am a skeptic and my past experiences have proven my correct. This time I was wrong. My energy was through the roof. My workouts, even with the 11 plus hour flights were effortless and I had no jet lag to speak of. When I returned home, I found that when I had written my friend about what I'd noticed was exactly how their technology was described, almost verbatim. I'm sold and you will be too. There are many however who experience PAIN Relief, better sleep and various other benefits from the "Atraxlite technology". My husband (whom I made wear one of our bands "AGAINST HIS WILL") has this to say. HE IS WORTH LISTENING TO. While there are many testimonials from professional athletes and folks with serious medical conditions, my husband is a man of few words. The words he does speak carry much weight as he would never say this if it were still not amazing him as well.

"I've had chronic back pain my entire adult life. When my wife asked me to wear one of the bands, and use a 'Pillow', to see if it might help I said, 'I am not going to wear them, thanks but it won’t help!' Well, was I wrong! When I woke up the next morning my back pain was almost gone! The results have continued and I have passed them along to my friends who have experienced results as well. I don't understand it, but I guess I don’t have to. Energy Care® works! That's all I know."

Jerry Grasso, CFO and Senior Vice President, Baltimore Goodwill Industries.

Use this link to connect to Energy Care® and make sure to enter the source code FITISIT and you will receive FREE SHIPPING! Or, you can contact me directly for information and products purchased from me directly with no turn around time

Candace's moving and powerful Personal testimonial about Energy Care:

"Each person has their own unique experience with Energy Care. Here is mine. As a Professional athlete and business owner, I've been struggling with a birth defect at the base of my brain-causing Chronic Pain Syndrome and a myriad of other symptom obviously, throughout my entire life. Complications from having experienced a broken neck and the subsequent surgery to help manage the residual damage, unveiled an acute case of Fibromyalgia. My day to day physical functioning has always been a bit of a challenge to be sure but when nearly debilitating Chronic Fatigue from the Fibromyalgia began to worsen, my ability to function at the level I’d been accustomed to managing, was being seriously chipped away. For the last two to three years my struggles had cost me my ability to write, (for publication as well as for running my company)… almost entirely. My ability to have access to Energy Care has kept my Chronic Fatigue at such a dull roar, that I’ve been able to continue my work and to accomplish all my responsibilities while functioning at a very high level! Thanks be to GOD for working for ME…through Energy Care!!!!"

Having this time off due to my surgery has enabled me to send you some of the latest and greatest of my new FAVORITE THINGS STORE....featured on my new website. This is not a sales pitch. I am literally telling you what has helped me. IF you want to try them,  just read how it has helped me, but I have been  honest as to what it hasn't done but My husband is a shocker. The entire experience is ab absolutely sereal kind of new adventure. As I mentioned, I have been strapped and taped with all kinds of things over the years. Well meaning people are always wanting to not only help, but to be honest, also hoping for an endorsement and I have to be honest and  I always just  had to say "NO" and as I mentioned that was hard, but this this product, I had to say yes. AND as I type, my black w/white logo EnergyCare band is getting caught on the keys of my computer! Ha. It is what it is.
SO, this is just some productive info for you , FYI. I've always said when I find someting that works - I won't hold back and I will tell you....well there you go.
Now, for real life ironies.
I had an hour long appointment with my General Practicioner TODAY...Dr. Stephen Eversley.
We have some new developments that are not helping me move through life with less pain that's for sure. This has NOTHING TO DO with my surgery from which I am now...well healed. This is the truth blog.
I have three new tests. One of the procedures sucks. I am familiar, but we have to look to make sure that my significantly increased pain of late, is not becuase of another possibility that is looming out there. It's truly not any kind of good option...but we have to be sure. We will be at another vascular doctor for a consult for another issue and I have a Pelvic Sonogram TOMORROW...right before my hair appointent. Hey certain things have to be put in their proper place...LOL! No, seriously, my overdue, it looks like a bad version of Morticia from the Adams Family. well, Close any way.
So, tomorrow...I am Back in the saddle and even though I have been writing some New Posts...Not all in.
Now I am. But I am glad that I had and took the chance to post a few of my Favorite things Store additions as I normally wouldn't have and written about other matters. Well, even though I was hit hard at the doctor's today...and I have some stuff facing me again, Energy Care Is a Motivational Thing. If nothing else...check out their website. Honestly, It is the reason why my BLOG has come alive. It has kept me alert enough through my disorders in order to write and that is extremely motivational to me and I am very very greatful!
Until tomorrow's "Training Tips" and oh, I do already know what it is and it's gonna be good and nope, not gonna share.
Keeping you guessing. A hint? Ok, it's called  "Bringing up the rear"!
Looking forward to officially sitting back in my office chair,
until then,
POWER ON ...Possibly with Energy Care?
who knew...

Candace Grasso, CEO and Founder, Fit Is It, Inc.

Energy Care® USA

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