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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WEDNESDAY WELLNESS..."Creating Your Own Personal Mission Statement"

Ok, it's Wednesday again and that means wellness. Words that come to mind are health,spirituality, strength and balance. It also reminds me to spend some time JOURNALING! thought I was off that topic. Not on your life. Thought I'd revisit you and your progress now that you've had many weeks to spend with your journal open and focusing on thankfulness, what you are most greatful for, your epitaph, (I know, still sounds a bit morose, but it's oh so effective) and just getting more comfortable with being quiet, still and introspective...relecting on your life. The things you are proud you've done and the things you'd like to change. Well, tonight I thought I'd help you out just in case you have gotten a bit stuck. Below you will find a worksheet that after you have completed it, you will use what you have learned about yourself to create your own PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT! Why not. Companies do it and we are more important to our mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers....our children and our neighbors and friends than oh say the Coca Cola Company. So, don't say I never gave you any writing support....your homework is below. Take a week to complete it or do it all in one sitting....but do it! Remember, what's the difference between ORDINARY people and EXTRAORDINARY ONES? Extraordinary people are the people who are willing to do the things that others just won't. SO...what's it gonna be? I think having a personal mission statement writing bold and proud in the front or back cover of your journal is a great way to find it quickly each morning as you get prepared to face your day and read to remind yourself of who "this day you will choose to be"!
Until tomorrow,


1. What three qualities would you most like to possess?

2. What three activities do you find most enjoyable?

3. What three activities are most important to you?

4. If there were no limitations, what three things would you like to change about your life?

5. What five things would you want more than anything else, (be limitless in your thinking).

6. Who are the three people you admire the most and why?

7. What one quality do these people you admire all have in common?

8. In your opinion, what are the four most important roles a person could be in this life?(friend, mother, student, doctor, wife, etc.)

9. What qualities would you like to be known for in each of these roles?

10. Which five of these metaphors describe your outlook on life and WHY? Have fun…

Life is a game.

Life is a bowl of cherries

Life is the pits.

Life is a test.

Life is a competition.

Life is a gift.

Life is a dance.

Life is a struggle.

Life is like school.

Life is the pits.

Life is a challenge.

Life is a sprint.

Life is a marathon.

Life is a gamble.

11 How would you like to be described by those who know you the best?

12 Based on how you feel you are conducting your life and the choices you are making, do you have confidence that this is HOW THEY in reality, WOULD DESCRIBE YOU? Why or why not?

Use The information you have learned about yourself from the worksheet above to write your personal


Write it in the present tense, as if it were true of you today. This is your mission, to become what you have written here today. Become who you want to be and be sure that at the end of the day, those who know you the best would agree!


Don't be afraid to "be extraordinary",

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