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Saturday, August 27, 2011

SATURDAY’S SOAP BOX….”Has America become a Throw way Nation”?

Welcomes to this, my first Post of what I can only hope are many…in our new ‘SATURDAY’S SOAP BOX SERIES’. I had a goal. I planned to make this very first entry short, right to the point and sweet? Well, how does two out of three grab ya?
The reason I’ll only be hitting 2 out of 3 is because after reading the news paper this morning, My subject matter has changed. No, I won’t share what I was going to write about because trust me, it’s blog worthy and I’ll get back to it. But today’s is so timely; I needed to handle it now. So I titled this SOAP BOX, “Is America, A Throw Away Nation”?. What is it that I’m referring to? Well love him or hate him, I’m referring to Jerry Lewis and I’m talking about the ‘OH SO OBVIOUS’, abrupt end of this American Icon’s legacy of charitable work that’s lasted for over a half of a CENTURY! Understand this before I continue, don’t assume I am some huge fan of this man. I’m not really. I don’t dislike him either. I’m approaching this from the stand point of what we appear to do with our elderly when they just aren’t cool anymore.Even when what they have accomplished ...may never be matched again.
Since the early 1950’s, Jerry Lewis, has been the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s (MDA) National Chairman. In addition to the office that he held, he began his tireless work hosting the MDA telethons with the first ever, having been held during the Thanksgiving Day weekend of 1952…which they titled, “the Party for MDA”.

As of 2009, these now famous "Labor Day MDA" telethon’s , beginning around 1966 have reportedly raised an estimated $2.45 billion ..that’s BILLION dollars!!!!!

Since it’s inception until today; Jerry Lewis has been front and center. He's lended his name, endless and often exhausting hours of his time and what always appeared to be exuberant energies for the cuase, to help raise money for what are now often called Jerry’s Kids. Which by the way, many have made it well known how much they take offense at that! However, while some find this title off putting, I, (for what it's worth), honestly find it endearing. You may be interested to know, that many of these KIDS and ADULTS themselves,do also !! Want to judge that some more? If you, who hate what many of those who are stricken find ‘lovely’, well you can go right ahead and judge all you want… I’m OUT! We know they aren’t HIS KIDS! Oh, I’m so glad for this “SOAP BOX” style, “Letter to the Editor” type of ending to the week because when I read this story this morning, all I wanted to do, was to have a voice to say, ( to whomever may be reading this)…”isn’t it just time to lay down our petty jeering and jabbing and just let a good deed stand alone”? All of us as humans, EVEN when we put OUR BEST and most “purely intended” foot forward, are going to faulter as we walk the path of “good deed doings”. We are not PURE. There is one who is, but only one and the rest of us are "His children" - asked to Love our neighbors as we Love ourselves. Don’t know about you but what we have going on here seems to fall a bit short of that now doesn’t it. We’re also tested with the idea that “If any of us THINK we are living without sins, mistakes, failings or shortcomings, well first and foremost, we're delusional. But, I have met many who seem to think they are and if you feel you fit the bill...well, then you my friends  and ONLY YOU are ' PERFECT PEOPLE. And ONLY PERFECT PEOPLE are worthy to judge by chucking stones at the other, less God like individuals! Now, I don’t know about you, but two things I know. 1) WOW, I am not perfect and 2) I  do KNOW for sure, that I DON'T KNOW all there is behind the rest of this story! Therefore, I’m not planning on picking up a pebble here, much less a stone. So I think we should all leave the righteous, judgmental, Jerry Lewis Stoning… to the PERFECT ONES. The rest of us know we have no right.
SO, this year, what was to be his Final year, this man of many years of (less than perfect service),  won’t be allowed…(I’m sorry but that just sticks in my throat)…"HE WON’T BE ALLOWED" to make his final appearance and sing his final song for the MDA! How sad. You know Lewis began hosting telethons to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Associations of America in 1952 after a plea from a staff member who worked on Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s edition of the Colgate Comedy Hour. After several events, the organization approached HIM, to host the BIG EVENT and he agreed. Now, this year, he appears not to be cool enough to continue. Instead, they have enlisted more than a few of the Hollywood ‘A’ listers. They include such notables as ; Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride, Darius Rucker, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Tyler , Randy Jackson, Celine Dion, Jon Secada, Richie Sambora, Jimmy Webb, Michael Fienstein, Maureen McGovern, Jorndan Sparks and Greyson Chance just to name a few. By the way, I am fans of many of these Holywood Hotties, but where’s the man whose name helped to start it all? Sadly, he won’t be there. I guess when your 85, it’s hard to cut the mustard standing next to Celine Dion now isn’t it? I know there are many rumors out there as to why this may have occurred, but remember this “there’s almost always three sides to every story, “Yours, Mine and somewhere in the middle…. the truth”. We don’t know all that’s happened. But what I know…is that an 85 yr. old man who has worked hard to help, just wanted to say his goodbye gracefully and he won’t be there. Somehow, from the SOAP BOX, I gotta say, that just seems wrong.

Until Monday,

Maybe... think on these things?

And  then, why not donate a little of your blessings when the event rolls round again!

God’s’ speed,


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