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Monday, August 29, 2011


Today's Motivational Minute is going to be just that....a minute.

SO00000000 SHORT...and sweet. Why? Well, in a nut shell, here's what happened. I'm writing this to you at 10:00 pm , as I only checked into my hotel 30 minutes ago and literally scarfed down the salad bar dinner that I'd carried in from a local grocery store.
... It's been a challenging 8 days (close enough to call it a week wouldn't ya say?)

Let me break it down for you.

On Sunday of last week, I suffered one of the worst 'flares', since being diagnosed with this disease,( in reality it's a combination of both that and birth defect in my brain) took till Tuesday to break and when it did, I felt like I'd been through a war. But please remember, I'm ok, this is my normal. so I just keep moving forward as always and as always I lived and it passed and I enjoyed life through it I did all my work and I POSTED and that was part I of my little story today.

Next, part II. On Wednesday we just, oh...suffered a little EARTH QUAKE!.If you've never had the plasure of having experienced one, that's an Odd, little surreal feeling . The ground and your entire house shakes and you think,,,hmmm, oh, EARTH QUAKE!! BUT THAT didn't keep me from POSTING!

Next, part III - a dear friend's father died, and his funeral was today. Now, I almost didn't make it because.... I couldn't see well enough to get ready properly and my hair was so dirty that I had decided I was more than justified with my decision not to go. I told myself "Nah, I just don't see this happening. She'll understand. I'm not going".( I know…what ? wait for's coming), However, I heard myself being LOVINGLY scolded " Candace, this isn't about you and your appearance,(Ouch, got me), you friend needs you! Go and show her some love...again this IS NOT ABOUT YOU or your hair.Who cares what you look like.Don't be so vain.Go and show them all some loving support .". Well, alrighty then. Don’t know about you, but I can’t argue with that! SO, I slapped on a dress and tried to slick my hair back and went to the funeral . Actually, after that little loving "Celestial Talking too", you couldn't have kept me away.

So, part IV.  finally, why did I have this go or not to go because I was so dirty and couldn’t see in the mirror well enough to put  my makeup on? Oh, that was because of, oh THE HURRICANE. HURRICANE IRENE to be exact. It messed us up a bit as it blew through on Saturday evening into Sunday leaving us, still today (and now we've found out , it will probably be ALL WEEK), WITH NO POWER !!!
So, now that you have all the details, one last break down for ya...

I. seriously ill through Tuesday

II. Earth Quake Wednesday

III.My Friends Father's death (though I'm quite sure that would qualify as having happened to her)!

IV. Hurrican Irene and and having to attend that funeral looking like a cast member from "Greese"-with still NO POWER!!!

Now, it's at times like this, that I'm glad I do more than my share of "brain training " and flexing my 'mental muscle',as well as my biceps because folks, THIS IS LIFE! This stuff happens. It just does and it happens constantly. So, you can either GET MAD or choose to LIVE GLAD and
the reality is, that if we're mentally unprepared, there certainly are times when this life can throw one for a  loop . Although in this case, for us, this particular loop would have to qualify as a LITTLE ONE. We have to be real.This was an odd challenging week ,but I'm not going to over dramatize what my family and I are personally dealing with. After it's all said and done and the dust has settled, for us ? ALL IN ALL...NOT BAD!! However, just couldn't do today's Motivational Minute until now, as I drove  from coffee shop to coffee shop, looking for an open outlet but apparently SO WAS EVERYONE ELSE!  I did this between attending the funeral and having to go to my doctor for A pre-op physical. Yep, you heard me right. Next week I'll be having surgery and really, that's just another big YIPEEE to throw into the mix! You'll know when too,  becuase the "Fitness Diva" here,  will be posting,  'The BEST -O-Candace', as I'll be in no shape to write for just a bit. Again, not a biggie but not fun either. Once again, It's just a part of life and with it we get to experience the AMAZING and the BAD and everthing in between! But, all of that stuff, the surgery etc., that's for another day. Remember, we've discussed before...we can only really handle life WELL,  by taking it one day at a time. So I didn't have a whole lot of time to be driving around, looking for a place to PLUG IN MY COMPUTERS and actually get some work done but oh I tried and not an outlet was to be found. Seriously, not one. SO, I booked a hotel, and here we are. SO, we overcame. Feeling blessed again as people are often devastated by Earth Quakes and Hurricanes...and we suffered very little damage in the Hurricane, even less with the Earth Quake, so I'm not going to complain . If anyone here has the right, well that'd be my friend who lost her dad in the middle of it all! SO, when the going gets annoying...just keep on keeping on with a great big smile of gratitude and if you have to, book a hotel to FIND A PLUG!!!

Until tomorrow,

Just rolling with the punches,


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