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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TUESDAY’S TRAINING TIPS…”Salutation Nation, lululemon takes Yoga round the world”.

Welcome to Tuesday’s Training Tips and the joys of Yoga! That’s right…YOGA! Always wanted to try it? Love it already? Well, for both ends of the spectrum, I’ve found an event for you that simply put, will create an environment where anyone and everyone can participate, feel comfortable and have a ball!

SO, if you have never participated, for real… this event is for you. Why? Because it’s so user friendly. Lululemon has worked to create an inclusive, world wide event that is for every one who is interested no matter what their level of experience, including all of you seasoned Yoga enthusiasts too.

You know, with over 20 years of in the industry, I can honestly say , that’s one of the hardest issues we face in the fitness industry today. Getting people involved …who aren’t involved already. For those of us inside Fitness Facilities, our biggest hurdle is how to get the people in the building who really need to be. Who really long to be but are intimidated to try. The folks who are packing our classes are those who are usually already in pretty darn
good shape. They crowd the front of the room and some times, they are so enthusiastic, I swear, they leave little room for me to stand and I’m the one who’s teaching and to this WE MUST SAY BRAVO! But, to those who sneak in the back and leave early, those are the ones we want to touch. But how? Let me play out a scenario for you and see if it doesn’t touch home. NO matter where you fall on this continuum, all of us at some point were the ones standing outside the studios, TERRIFIED! Why? Well, once upon a time, you were new to the activities you love the most. We all have that in common. All of us at some point were a novice and felt like one too. We didn’t know a Resistance Band from a Body Bar and we thought that a Yoga mat, was the name of the cute guy teaching the class we really wanted to try. “Hey, they said everyone needs a Yoga Mat, and I couldn’t agree more. Only problem is, once I get in there I’ll have no idea what he’s trying to get me to do”! Laughing, sure…but it’s not far from where we once were with our passions. So, what do we do to break through the glass ceiling and remove the panic and replace it with peace?

How about joining Salutation Nation?
I mean what could be better than getting together with oh, a few hundred folks, who all have the same goal; To Live Fully, Breath Deeply and be Presently Sweaty all at the same time, all around the world. In fact, not only are you all welcomed, every one from the novice who’s always wanted to try, to the most experienced yogi are invited to attend Lululemon’s
"SALUTATION NATION" on Sept. 10th, from 9-10 pm. (when you go to the site link posted below, you can enter your location and find the event local nearest you).

If you are not familiar with Lululemon, you will soon be and once you are….look out. It’s addictive. What is it? No…really? Well, it’s only the hottest and coolest line of active wear on the planet…that’s all. From Yoga wear to running gear and everything in between, they are the ones setting the trends of clothing that goes from gym to the real world, for today’s active ones. As a fitness professional and professional athlete, I have worn a lot of cool gear, but if trend setting with wildly perfect function is what you are looking for…NOBODY does it like lulu. But don’t take my word for it, go to  and check it out for yourself.

Also, you can connect from there or just go right to  for details about Salutation Nation, where you will be encouraged to “Join your community to move, breathe, connect and get your downdog on”! Now what’s intimidating about that!

Still not sure? Well here is a list of MY TOP TEN REASONS TO GIVE YOGA A WHIRL…the benefits are far reaching;

1) Reduced Stress

2) Increased Energy Levels

3) Weight Management

4) Improved Blood Circulation

5) Increased Feelings of Well Being

6) Improved Immune System

7) Improved Breathing (I can’t say enough about how beneficial this is)!

8) Improved Memory

9) Pain Management

And my top ten reason…

10) It improves your metabolism without feeling like you’re jarring your fillings out, (said the professional Marathon runner….ME!) but I also suggest that you do a little of all the activities that you love! I enjoy MANY! Ultimately, cross training is the way to go.

Join me this Saturday, Sept. 3rd on my 11 Fitness segment on WBAL, NBC TV., when I bring more details and “moves” to light and if for no other reason than to watch me, while I get my DOWNDOG ON ( now that’s worth sharing a cup of coffee with me don’t ya think?), all, while wearing some cool lulu!
That’s this sat. 6:45 am, just before we switch to the TODAY’S SHOW…

For now, not only for me, but for so many of you- I’m packing up from the coffee shop , unplugging and back to my home without power.
But that’s ok, because as always I’m here to help you…

So, let’s not grumble, but go create a memory that only hurricane power outages can bring.
Let’s do it…

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