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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Message, "Tigger Vs. Eeyore"

SO, it's Monday and your Monday morning wake up call can have you either jumping out of bed and onto the mattress, or rolling over trying to crawl under it?  Why is that? I wonder about these things and after working with what must be literally thousands of  people by now, unfortunately, it has been my experience that most would agree that they either pull the covers over our heads in an attempt to hide till it's Friday or bound out like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh! So, what's the difference? Our attitude over our circumstances...whether or not we "FEEL" we have something to look FORWARD TO! A vacation, a trip coming up, an event that evening or something, anything out of the ordinary to hook our wagon to. How Sad. This pervasive, "thrill me or I'm not having fun" mentality is honestly full of crap! Oh how I loath that type of  circumstantial based living. I used to do the same, letting my circumstances dictate my attitude. I was living from one adventure to the next but in between, my hidden attitude was much like that of a "closeted Eeyore", who's outlook can best be summed up by a famous quote from the despondent donkey himself, "Days, weeks, months..who knows....", feel familiar? SO, how do you make a change. Well in all situations involving change the first necessary element for sucess is wanting to....Change that is.  Next, look at what you're missing? You miss today cause you're waiting for a tomorrow that's gonna be better. Problem is that when it comes, in many cases it leaves you slightly dissappointed , SO you start waiting for "IT",,all over again. In the mean time friend, YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE IS JUST ON PAUSE and You're the one hitting the button. SO, here's the magic....'MAKE YOUR ATTITUDE FOLLOW YOUR ACTIONS' and NOT the other way around!
No, not first, but oh yeah, it works. You want to be more chearful, ACT HAPPIER,(everyone around you would sure appreciae it ..REALLY). Do you think your day ahead of you sucks? Guess what, you just sealed the deal. How do I know it works? Once upon a time I woke up, went to work and in short order found myself  lying on a gurney in a Helicopter, being flown to Shock Trauma .I was gushing blood with glass shredded and embedded throughout my body and  face...I had just BROKEN MY NECK! Know what I wanted to look forward to right then? JUST ANOTHER DAY ...prayerfully ,with me IN IT! I was shaken into the truth.."all things are to be celebrated, even simply 'GETTING UP' "! There is a book called "Happiness is a Choice" and I highly recommend it becuase it is TRUE. In this life, we find what we look for. SO, GOOD Monday Morning from one who's now a Tigger through and through and in the words of Tigger himself, I'll leave this greating with you;  "The wonderful thing about Tiggers.....Is Tiggers are wonderful chaps.....They're loaded with vim and vigor.....They love to leap in your laps"...
Make it a great day, It's a choice.. Circumstances aside...
Till Tomorrow, Power on

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  1. Good point Candace. What's "feel" got to do with it? Just get out and do it. Attitude sure does have a lot to do with it. I'm not sure I'm Tigger but I don't think I'm Eeyore either. I think I'm more like Pooh (unfortunately)- "I think I'll have some honey." But Pooh does go through life steady and even so I think I'm more like him.