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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight

Every day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am literally inundated with questions… Questions that run the gamut from Heart Rate Training to whether or not I think swimming is as good a cardio workout as running. In fact, more than once, I’ve been pulled into a public Ladies room and asked if the skin on a stranger’s lower abs is fixable with abdominal work, or do I think they need a plastic surgeon. If I’m lying I’m dying!!! But without fail, the most commonly asked questions are undoubtedly questions about nutrition; Breakfast to be specific. Should I or shouldn’t I is the question? Well, the reason that most women site for not starting off their day with a healthy dose of balanced nutrients coursing through their bodies, is because they’re afraid of the calories that go along with that energy boosting scenario. However, these are the same folks who try to avoid eating as long as they can and then when 4:00 rolls around, they’re so over hungry they blow it every time. To make matters worse, they remember that they have strategically skimped on calories ALL DAY by not eating and when they can’t hold back any longer, that thought adds fuel to their feeding frenzy. Why? It’s the American cause for obesity syndrome…we free ourselves from the guilt of consuming such a large amount of calories during the second half of the day because after all….most of us haven’t eaten till now. BIG MISTAKE. Those are the folks whose weight is more often out of control. Show me a woman who eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’ll show you a woman, (man or child even), whose weight is more likely under control. Instead of skimping on  food all day and adding glutenous pounds all night…TRY THIS. Start your day with a Protein rich breakfast to get your metabolism kicking and working in your favor. Start your day with 5 egg whites with spray Pam or other low to no calorie cooking spray… Approx.90 calories. worth or so. Then add a piece of  veggie cheese if you choose, for a little flavor and top with your favorite salsa…add another 55/60 calories MAX.

Total …approx. 145/150 calories that will keep you full and have your stomach growling for your next  mini meal. Follow with planned  micro- meals combining complex carbohydrates and lean protein several times throughout the day to keep your blood sugar steady and your hunger at bay. This way by the time dinner rolls around, you’ll be able to control yourself ...mentally and physically and your weight will begin to control itself, too.

It’s all about balance…

Until tomorrow,

Power On,


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