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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lay Off The Horn

Ok,so I live in Baltimore. Just so happens, Baltimore often ranks near the top of the list when it comes to cities with the worst traffic in the country. We most always hit the top 20, with a new report from Highway Administration ranking us right at the top of the list! I Live here. I understand this. I drive here. I've come to accept it... HOWEVER, I do so by conducting myself with a diplomacy that comes through sheer discipline alone, a lady like dignity and a good dose of decorum. I wouldn't dare leave my home to hit these frenetic "Nascar speed ways" unless I first prayerfully considered asking for the will power it takes to produce a good attitude AND a hope that others might respond in kind.

Unfortunately what I find is a situation that's given birth to behaviors bordering on barbaric. Those of us who choose to refrain from ACTING OUT already suffer from what should and can best be described as BATTERED ROAD SYNDROME! We've been shot the bird, had expletives shrieked at us and been so closely tail gated that a single hiccup could cause a three car pile up.

And yet a new phenomena has crept in among the road rage roadsters and I for one have had it with their already inappropriate, childish, dangerous and down right abhorrent " road side manner"!

It's what I call the 3 second rule. Goes like this, (and it happens to me at two to three times a day now without fail)...You are sitting at a red light. The light turns green...1 one thousand, 2 one thousand,3 one BBEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!! YEP, if you don't get your foot from brake to gas petal in less than 3 seconds, the horn behind you goes off! Experienced it? my family has..and I've taken a survey, lots of us have. SO, I'll end by takes three seconds to move ones foot from brake to gas, so my suggestion....take a deep breath and ask yourself what you think you're going to achieve by with that dubious nano second you tried so hard to receive, and third....READ MY MONDAY BLOG POST. IF you think that you can't sit still for three seconds with out blowing your horn, I wonder what your family experiences when you blow in the front door???? Life is short..I beg you, lay off the horn and take a little time to smell the exhaust!

The rest of us would GREATLY appreciate it and you will eventually too.

Until tomorrow,

Power on,


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