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Monday, August 20, 2012

VACATION ..."motivation under fire"!

So, I left for Hawaii, my favorite place on earth and stayed almost three weeks this go round.Right hand on a stack..the day I left, the pants I'd worn to fly out were now close to falling over my hips. HOW DOES THIS OCCUR?? That's all I seem to be asked of late as I am experienceing the usual "I'm going vacation melt down" from all my clients and nutrition consultations. PEOPLE..PEOPLE...I'll say it one more time;HONESTLY, HAVING A GREAT TIME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEEING HOW MUCH FOOD and DRINK ONE CAN SHOVE DOWN ONES THROAT! And Yes... that was all in caps so I am being a bit LOUD...but really folks, ENOUGH ALREADY! let me explain what has me so hot under the collar before you tell me to jump off my box of soap. Here's the scenario; You arrive at your destination "RELAXATION" and it's your first day out on the beach. You riffle through your luggage in the hopes of pulling out your newsest acquisition that you worked SO HARD  to look good in before you left, Your New Swim Suit! Now there's not a person that I KNOW, who feels 100% great enjoys walking around in what feels like half naked accoutrement but on of putting on your new swim wear you bought for the occasion and out you go for a day of fun in the sun, but then...Then you decide to go to lunch and you see someone downing some crispy curly fries and you follow suit, tacking them on to an already glutenous meal you would probably never much eat at home and down it with a fruity cocktail or two. After all you tell yourself, "I'm on vacation and I deserve this". DO we really enjoy a great day on the beach let's say them

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