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Monday, August 6, 2012

DISH'IN NUTRITION: "Testing Your Carbohydrate I.Q."

 It's been Reported that Americans continue cutting down on carbs, believing that it's those nasty carbs and not EXCESS CALORIES , that are packing on the pounds. But if you're a card carrying member of this school of thought....BEWARE!
You just might end up having to buy a larger wardrobe!
So Today I bring you The Truth ; Sorting out Fact from 'Potentially Dangerous' Weight Gain Fiction about Carbohydrates.
Ps. Be warned. I was away all last week at a premier Fitness and Nutrition conference, where I sat in on HOURS of Doctor's Lectures on the matter. In other words my brain is "Locked an Loaded" and I'm right on target!

Let's test your Carbohydrate I.Q.:

1) When on a Low Carb Diet, You Can Lose Weight,
 Even if You Eat More Calories Than You Would Have Eaten Otherwise. 

FALSE. Look Closely at recent studies
in which people have reportedly
 lost weight when participating in low-carb diets
and guess what you will find?
They all ate fewer calories as well! Shocked?
You shouldn't be. It's excess calories not carbs
that causes one to gain weight and that's the truth.
Never ever forget that Lettuce, celery, cucumbers and
the like are nothing other than members of the vilified
To lose weight, choose lower calorie foods - eat nothing but -
and you'll lose weight TOO!

2) Sugar Free Products are Usually Low in Carbs.

TRUE.  Why? Simply put - sugar is a carbohydrate of course.
Nothing magical there. So it's not so much  "choose foods w/lower carbs
and you'll  lose weight"
but "choose foods with less sugar and you'll
consume fewer calories"!
Do you see the intentional anti-Carb Spin?
If not, get general, foods labeled "SUGAR FREE"
cost less than ones that say "LOW CARB"!
Now that's carb-phobia building at it's finest.
Manufacturers ought to be ashamed.

3) When It Comes To Raising Your Blood Sugar Quickly, Pasta
is One of The Worst Offenders. 
FALSE. SHOCKED? Don't be... and we're talking regular - not the whole
wheat variety. This may rock your world, but a Cup-and-a-half of pasta will impact
your blood sugar and insulin levels LESS then a half-a-cup of raisins would!!!
That much pasta contains only 300 calories and if you splash a touch
of heart healthy olive oil or low calorie meat sauce on it, you'll slow it's
glucose absorption even more. SO, enjoy pasta?
Go ahead an indulge but beware...BEWARE OF WHAT, the carb count?
Not at all...but the calories that you'll find in the larger than life servings
that restaurants or your favorite little old Italian grandmother down the
block is serving!

4) Before a Test, It's Better to Have a High- Carb Snack Than a Snack
High in Protein or Fat.
TRUE.  Carbs are the ONLY thing the brain can use for fuel. They are the
quickest source of usable Glucose we have,
Says Geoffrey Remon MD.., an endocrinologist in New York City
Specializing in women's hormone problems.
Protein can also be broken down into glucose, but that takes an extra step.
When shooting for maximum staying power and energy, the trick here is to
consume complex carbohydrates such as an apple or Banana and not a candy bar.
But do save the candy bar for the 18 mile marker at your
next marathon or for once in a while just
because you're right on target and you deserve a little treat!

IF anything can take this over worked, tired old debate and put it to rest, it's these words  (direct quotes)
from a variety of SUPER STARS on the subject.  IF you care to learn, these truly are the final words of truth that "CAN"  SET YOU FREE from carb phobia forever:

Remember when the dietary villain-du-jour was fat, not carbs? "There was a time when low-fat dieting produced weight loss, " Say's Dr. Katz. "But along came low-fat cookies and other foods that are low in fat but high in sugar and calories. "Today, Americans eat a lower percentage of fat than we did 30 years ago, but twice as many of us are obese. "That's precisely what's happening again with the barrage of low-carb products," Dr. Katz says. "If this low-carb mania continues, " adds Jonny Bowen, certified nutrition specialist and author of Living the Low-Carb Life, " we could see overweight families waddling around Disney World scarfing down low-carb burgers, low-carb shakes, an low-carb fries, and thinking it's all perfectly healthy." The bottom line is that calories still matter, says Bowen. "They may not be the star of the show anymore, but they need to be on the marquee"!

*Marie Claire Magazine

 So, in the words of my colleagues....stop beating dead horses and get on the stick. Stop looking for excuses and stop eating so much. Get off your back side and PLEASE start moving - and when you're not sure
about what to eat remember this;
"IT'S ABOUT THE CALORIES MY FRIEND...keep counting them"!

Until Next time, 


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