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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DISH'IN NUTRITION: "Common Sense about "Sensa""

Today's "Dish'in Nutrition" is going to be short an sweet; just as it will be with the appeal and so called lasting "results" of the weight loss craze known as Sensa!

First, don't be confused. Sensa is not a weight loss program. In fact it's something different all together. You may have heard it referred to as "The Sprinkle Diet". But it's also not really a diet either. Sensa is a substance that for lack of a better term, you "Sprinkle" on food, but as the ads proclaim, not just any food. Not on some plain old, low calorie, traditional weight loss enducing foods, but on you FAVORITE FOODS!!!

In just one of the scenes depicting this idea on the infomercial -  a woman with an ice cream cone is shown sprinkling a hearty dose of something all over it (that would be the magic Sensa), just before diving into it head first. WOW, if that's how you lose weight, sign me UP!

You are directed to use it just as if adding salt, sugar or any other flavor enhancer to your food - but these sprinkles are calorie, sodium and sugar free.
They also come in a bunch of nifty flavors too, both sweet and savory, to fit your every 'flavor enhancement', weight-loss, food sprinkling needs (yeah, that was a little passive aggressive... 'pardonnez-moi').
They come in flavors both  savory and sweet like onion, cheese  and ranch - or - Cocoa, strawberry banana and malt.  

Ok, so what's this magic sweet and savory weight loss food enhancer made of?
 I mean show me the magic, right? Well, I'd like to say that I'm sorry to disappoint you but... I'm secretly not. I'm always more than happy to expose another mythical, magical weight loss bullet imposter when I see one and folks, we've just bagged another.

 They're made up of tiny ' FOOD FLAKES' if you will! They're made from maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica and flavors. If I'm Lying I'm Dying.
The principle behind the product is based on a few Company Sponsored 'Clinical Studies' which are NOT the same as  'Clinical Trials', (which are considered the only Gold Standard for approved research information today): Nor have any of these been published in a peer - reviewed medical journal either and I wouldn't HOLD MY BREATH!

The concept is that you can use your sense of smell into "fooling your brain" and digestive track into Thinking that you're FULL. Now there's a trick!
While there have been others who've tossed around the idea that the sense of smell can be used to suppress one's appetite, they suggested taking a good stiff whiff of such things as Green Apples or Peppermint.
 But the research is still lacking at best.

So what do we say about those who claim that they're really seeing results?
Every time you run across a snake in the grass remember, even a slippery snake can make you jump up and take notice of everything around you, right?
When it comes to eating -simply becoming more aware of what you are putting in your mouth, can help to do the trick.After all, teaching people to become "Mindful Eaters"  is a Nutrition Specialists Wish! The results they're receiving in many cases are  likely coming from this alone. THINK ABOUT IT!

With a price tag of $59 for a starter kit, and a 6 month kit at a special introductory rate of $235....(with hidden automatic renewal rates if you don't cancel...beware): I say try this.
Reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories - 250 calories through diet and 250 calories by boosting your daily exercise and you'll lose a pound a week. About 52 in a year. Oh and if you feel the need to experiment - buy a Granny Smith Apple, keep it in your purse and when your tummy grumbles, take a good stiff sniff. They run about .89 cents a piece and when you're tired of smelling it...for about 90 calories, YOU CAN EAT IT TOO!

Until Next Time,
Power On....


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  1. Sensa is supplement that only act as appetite suppressant…nothing more. You only require it if you have big appetite and eat a lot of food during meals. It depends on your body what type of supplement you need. Simply saying that XYZ is recommended or you can try Sensa won’t help you losing weight. Know your body, review the product (you can review Sensa here - and then try a weight loss supplement is what i recommend.