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Monday, April 16, 2012

TRAINING TIPS: "Abs Challenge Produces Results - Video - WBAL Baltimore"

Abs Challenge Produces Results - Video - WBAL Baltimore

I told you all about it here and this past Saturday..4/14 - I brought  Lauren Ray, the winner our of our 500 plus participants, on the air with me and showed off HER RIPPED ABS and some of the moves on my video workouts she used from the challenge!

If you're interested in training online like Lauren and the 500 other fabulous folks who did for this challenge, check out my FaceBook Page and Friend ME!
Then watch for our Next Event Challenge Invitation - giving you all the details!

They are Free or close to it, maxing at about $5 for the entire month  of workouts when and if there is a fee (it all depends on how much we need to involve our webmaster, etc. and the length and complexity of our video shoots) this abs challenge was a FREE ONE! But hey ..let's get real, getting fit for a little less than A Starbucks Coffee....GOOD DEAL!

SO stay tuned, but friend me first or I can't send you an invitation. Our next challenge starts May 1st and will be announced VERY SOON!!
You will have plenty of time to join.

Until tomorrow when I tackle the NY Times article on "Tube Feeding Brides to Fit Into Their Wedding Dresses" ...(wanna guess where my opinion falls on that topic?) - Stay tuned for that as well, RIGHT HERE on my Blog.

Power On,
Coach Candace

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