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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TRAINING TIPS: "Wanna Set of Six Pack Abs..Really"?

I've had enough! Recently, I've done more than my fair share of articles
flushing out false advertising claims and you know what, I'm not done yet.
If I turn on one more infomercial, face down another Internet "POP UP" add,
or find myself recoiling in horror while watching another evening "news
(in this case I'm using the word "news" more than loosely ), I swear I'm
gonna spontaneously combust!

There are two at the moment that have me so hot under the collar, I feel
the need to carry a personal, purse sized FIRE EXTINGUISHER..... if I could
find one that is. However, if such a contraption did exist, it could servenot only to extinguish myself
if I were to burst into flames but also to
sooth the fiery darts of another unsightly HOT FLASH! Closest I can think
of is one of those little, personal, hand held fans. If hot- great. But if
engulfed in flames, not so much.

However, now's as good a time as any, to
let you in on a little secret. Seriously, through the power of
cardiovascular exercise, I'm yet to experience a single one - hot flash that
is -TMI? Well, whether it is, or isn't... that's DEFINITELY another article
for another day. Sorry men- the truth hurts, but I digress- Back to the '
Hot' button issue at hand ( pun -very much intended).
There are many advertisers out there trying to convince us, that the tanned,
Greased and shredded, six to eight square packing fitness models on
their sets, got that way from their latest, greatest, NEW and

IMPROVED PROGRAMS that never require you do a single traditional abdominal
exercise! It 's MAGIC! Truth is, everyone of those models have been hitting
the deck, decline benches and doing multiple sets and reps of every ab
exercise known to man to obtain what they're packing.

I must come clean and tell you that YES, I have a serious six pack. I even
tastefully posted a picture of it on FaceBook about 6 months ago on a dare.
No need to dare me. I often, when teaching abs classes, doing a
master class or teaching continuing education programs on Proper Abdominal Training
,I often opt to sport some tasteful 'mid drift showing' ab revealing, fitness
attire. Most likely from my addiction for all my fitness wear - "Vumawear" workout gear.

SO it doesn't take much coaxing to get me to go there. Plus, truth be
told...after two children, two C-sections and turning 50...I'll admit I'm
darn proud of them. I've worked and pushed and earned every single square.
And that brings me back to my point. If you want that look, you'll have to
do so as well.

Once again folks, there's no magic bullet here, no program that
requires not a single ab involved exercise be executed, no magic, mythical belt that you just
Strap on and tadda- the work gets done for you while you rest. There's no hypnosis that
conjures up a shredded set of abs by the power of the mind!

What it does take, is a well planned program, appropriate for your fitness
level. Done consistently, 3 to 5 times per week...involving- you guessed it,
working the Rectus Abdominis muscle and your Obliques.
To attain what they're claiming, your program should also include a
component of fat burning cardio vascular exercise and proper diet to lose the body fat that might well be covering the results of your hard work!

Sorry, I'm a real buzz kill I know. But I'm here to help you sort through the
rubies from the rubble and find the truth amongst a myriad of false claims
and inappropriate programs for the goals you wish to attain.

To help you even more, I am including a link to two of our latest YouTube Ab
workouts, featured on our YouTube Channel. Yes, we have our own channel.
Chocked full of fitness and nutrition info to help you along the way. You
can follow right along with me as I will coach you through two different
level Workouts. Both are tough, they have to be, but they both consist of
only 5 exercises that will get the job done. SO give 'em a whirl and do wha you can.
Be consistent, watch what you eat and keep your cardio moving.

Do this and before you can say Spring Break, a bathing suit set of abs will
be yours for the taking. Starting February, just like last year, we will use
these videos to issue a FEBRUARY ABS CHALLENGE. A little fun, friendly
competition can be a very good thing. Friend me on Facebook if you'll Want
to learn the details.

SO, Once again...I'm running interference for you. Separating Fact from
Fiction and helping you move closer to your goals.
The links are listed below. No time like the present to jump in!

Ps. Subscribe to my channel (for free of course) while you’re there and
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Ripped Abs – The workout I, with Candace
Ripped Abs - The workout II, with Candace

Until Next time,

the Health and Fitness Diva....Candace Grasso Signing out!  (my blog) (my Youtube channel) (My Website)

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