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Thursday, January 5, 2012

THURSDAY'S DISH'IN NUTRITION: "Consistency is the Key"

While making the rounds this week, I am overwhelmed by the number of people who are consumed by the amount of weight they have gained over the Holidays.

I often fondly refer to it as the “Festive Fifteen”! However, be it five, fifteen, fifty or more; when it comes to the business of getting excess pounds down, you can take this one to the bank – “Consistency Is the Key”.

You may or may not know that along with my various other duties as CEO of Fit Is It, Inc. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist with - The American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists. I have been working in the field of nutrition my entire career. One of the things I enjoy about it most is that it’s pretty much a CUT AND DRY DEAL!

Surprised? I bet. When we stop to consider the number of wildly diverse diet books, magazines, newspaper articles, diet programs, infomercials, television programs and yes, even BLOGS that speak to the contrary, it should come as no surprise that it’s not widely known that losing weight isn’t really rocket science at all. Don’t get me wrong. As professionals in the field of nutrition, we’ve had to digest and master volume upon volume of the most intricate, complex and complicated information you’d ever want to meet. It’s enough to make your eyes cross. HOWEVER, when it comes to the bottom line (as far as the average consumer is concerned) losing weight is neither complicated nor difficult to digest. Sadly though, with all the above mentioned ‘misinformation’ being thrown all about, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to heart of the matter.

So, once and for all let me settle the issue and OH YEA, I’m sure I’m right: How does one lose weight?

We lose weight by reducing our daily caloric intake. POINT BLANK! Not exciting I know and that’s the problem. It’s never going to be. It takes a food journal, some common math and CONSISTENCY! In short, it’s work and you’re going to be a little bit hungry at times. To those who say you won’t be, may I add that I often wonder , "How do ya’ll sleep at night”!!!!!

So the formula goes like this - It takes a total build up of 3,500 calories below ones daily caloric intake, to lose a single pound of body fat. Still not exciting I know. But Guess what, it works. SO if you find yourself frustrated by your inability to lose, ask yourself this one questions. AM I doing that and doing it CONSISTENTLY? It’s a Day in, Day out proposition. Here’s the way it plays out.

IF you have two days during the week when you are not so “good” as my clients tend to call it, and you over indulge, (increasing your daily caloric intake well over your allotted amount for losing ), you’ve easily just negated the other three days you were building your deficit. With me? Yea, I know – Painfully so, right?

SO, get a food journal, record your food intake and do the math folks. Be consistent in keeping a moderate daily caloric deficit.

You can do so through a moderate reduced food intake of 250 calories per day and an added exercise session that burns another 250 and your daily caloric deficit is 500 calories.

Do that CONSISTENTLY for one week and if my math is correct that’s an equation that works like this; 500 calories in deficit x 7 days in a week = a total of 3,500 calories below your maintenance intake and ladies and gentlemen ….THAT’S ONE POUND DOWN and goal to go…. any questions? Your goal is within your reach, so reach out and take it!

Always remember, I’m on your side.

Until next time…

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