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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TUESDAY'S TRAINING TIPS, "How the Victoria Secret Models stay in shape"!

                                             ARE YOU AS FIT AS A SUPER MODEL?

                Like it or hate it, there's no denying the fact that some people are genetically predisposed for a mythical, Goddess like appearance. They're beyond statuesque, as they tower WAY above their human counterparts ( with most being an average of at least 5'10" ) while at the same time, possessing a bewilderingly bombshell like quality and mostly,  just by a spin of the gene pool . I am not among these freaks of nature, but I am happy to say that I do have ONE THING in common with this bevy of beauties. No it's not my height, curves or looks...but  both they and I,  have done all we can to stay in the best shape we possibly can as each year passes. I can honestly say that I have done ALL THAT I CAN to care for this ONE body God has gifted me to inhabit while here on this earth and I take great comfort in that. I mean really, shouldn't we all? As a professional athlete, I must admit that I find it a bit comical that in all honesty, I feel a bit of camaraderie with these bodacious beauties, in so much that the I consider the discipline I must live out every second of every day, to be rather similar with the narrow road of self denial that they must travel as well. Though the results don't render the same outcome in appearance (unfortunately, major bummer I might add), I am working just as hard if not harder, to maintain my current career status.
Tonight is the annual airing of the Victory Secret Fashion Show and CBS won't let us forget it. Once again, like it or not, it's coming. Whatever you think of must stop to wonder, what does a Victoria Secret Runway Model's Training Session Entail?
Wonder no more. I have plucked a good video piece for you to ponder. The one thing you may find interesting is that models don't train with much weight and they use very high repetitions. Know why? Because low weight, coupled with high repetitions, is the formula for sculpting and not creating large more noticeable amounts of Muscle Mass- as that's apparently not considered desirable when walking the cat walks from Paris to Milan and back - Interesting! Watch and see how your workout measures up; remembering of course, that in all fairness, this is just a few minutes, plucked from an entire workout as a sampling of what goes on during what can only be intellectually deduced as an hour workout or longer.
So click the link above this post, sit back and see if you are bringing it like a Super Model? I happen to know that My workouts are more least I have that. But then again, I'm supposed to be able to "leap tall buildings in a single bound", .... not strut up and down an isle way wiggling my hips; albeit a different but equally demanding challenge to be made to train for, each and every day of their lives!
Here's hoping your workouts measure up!
Power on,

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