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Thursday, November 17, 2011

THURSDAY'S DISH'IN NUTRITION- "Simply Testing Your Nutrition IQ."

Today...a simple, straight forward nutrition exam. How well have you been paying attention? There are 15 questions here in all. Because  ALL of the questions are done in a True or False format, I have a helpful little tip for you. These are just straight forward questions and answers that will give you a pretty good idea of your basic working knowledge of Nutrition. There are many "special exceptions to all rules".  I promise, I am not being tricky here. SO go with what is USUALLY the case, withstanding exceptions due to medical conditions and so on.The questions in this quiz have been covered in my posts so far, so let's see how well you've been paying attention...OH NO! You can only miss 4 and still pass!  I'd say good luck, but I don't believe in instead, I'll say...ENJOY!

1)When it comes to loosing weight, whole grains, like whole wheat pasta are better than regular processed grains.  TRUE or FALSE?

2)Low Carbohydrate diets work better than diets containing more Carbs. TRUE or FALSE?

3)Protein has 4 Calories per gram. True or False

4)I know that if I just give up all sugars I’ll lose weight because every one knows that when you eat sugar it turns to fat.  TRUE or FALSE?

5)I don’t have to count calories. If I just focus on making HEALTHY choices I’ll loose weight.               TRUE or FALSE?

6)I don’t have to exercise in order to lose weight.   TRUE or FALSE?

7)Using artificial sweeteners will make you gain weight.   TRUE or False?

8) Low to Moderate Rep Weight Training will make me fatter than I feel I am right now.   True or False?

9)Fat has 9 Calories per gram. True or False

10)Drinking lots of water will help me burn more fat and therefore I'll lose more weight. True or False?

11)Drinking diet soda will make me gain weight.  True or False?

12)Eating Low Fat foods will  lower my body fat percentage.   True or False?

13)If I focus on eating protein I’ll gain more muscle and get much leaner just by doing so.   True or False?

14)Carbohydrates have 6 Calories per gram.   True or False?

15 )When I lose weight I will gain it right back again. Most Everyone does becuase being heavy for many is actually a matter of genetics/ we have now learned through science. So when this is the case, for those people..they truly are powerless over their weight issues.
     True or False?

SO, how do you think you did? The answer key will be posted tomorrow above FRIDAY'S FESTIVE FARE! STAY TUNED AND SEE HOW MUCH YOU'VE LEARNED. IF you have a "beef with one of the answers, well just contact me under comments as a follower of this blog and we'll chat!
Until Tomorrow,
Print this out and give it to your entire family. Let's see who wins.
Power On,

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