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Saturday, October 15, 2011

SATURDAY'S SOAP BOX..."Biting My Tongue...AGAIN!

SO..Memoirs of a Fitness Diva right? Well, LET'S TALK! Once, I was asked if I would be interested in being interviewed for a local publication by a very good friend whom I really admire. She's a highly successful and extremely accomplished business woman who was thinking about spreading her wings and possibly adding Certified FITNESS PROFESSIONAL to her resume. She was feeling a bit stale and thought that this might just fit the bill to shake things up a bit by allowing her to unleash her very creative side on the fitness industry while staying super fit herself in the process. Smart lady. She needed an article and thought that a long interview with me ABOUT the industry would help her complete her writing obligation, while at the same time...learn the truth about the industry from an in INSIDE SOURCE! I agreed and for over two hours we talked. She wanted the details of what it was like BEHIND THE SCENES. She was surprised by many answers about qualifications and what I believe is a lack of professionalism compared to other industries I've been involved with over these almost 50 years of life experience. You see..I REALLY believe in and am at least always trying to do my best, when it comes to holding my this post is titled. However, when I am being asked general questions about the truth...I tell it. No one gets hurt and I am remaining true to myself. Her final question was a doozy, though you might not think so. And truly, it sums up all you need to know about the entire interview and why am am remembering this moment and writing it for my SATURDAY'S SOAP BOX.  From my perspective  and  taking a cold hard look over the past 20 years I've spent here;seeing and feeling it first hand, so to speak, this question to me, was a thing of beauty acually.This question was nice and juicy and packed with a "stand back an duck"  kind of a kick as an after shock.  She picked up her tea, took a sip and at the very end of this lengthy interview asked the Big Kahona.
"Have you ever had to deal with a difficult boss, manager, producer, fitness coordinator, colleague in the industry, publisher or any other associate with IN THIS INDUSTRY that would lead one to believe this is a friendly or unfriendly career path? At this, I did that thing you see people do in sitcoms when they just can't keep their drinks contained in their mouths. Then I chocked for a bit! She was patient, I wiped myself down and told her what I am about to say right now after what I went through TODAY. I have unfortunately pulled more knives out of my back then Moby Dick has harpoons. Look closely and you can still see some of the fresh ones bleeding, can't you"? Unfortunately we live in a very difficult world at times  and well...not every one (my husband has been instrumental in teaching me this one...), is as sensitive and kind as we would we hoped to strive to be ourselves. SO, I awoke at 2:30 am today to finsh some research...was downtown for hours ....was on the aire...was asked a few things by business associates and was stabbed in the back badly. So I did what I usually do. Came to my computer...wrote a LONG e-mail to them , and I'll be honest, in it I ripped them a NEW ONE! Then, I sat back, took a deep breath and quickly DELETED IT!

At the end of this VERY long Charm City RUN...Baltimore day. I went for my usual 7-8 miler, before cleaning up and heading on out. But, just to top it off, I tripped and fell HARD and now my right shoulder is stuck and I'm bleeding from the knife in my back and my elbow. SO, what does the Fitness Diva do on a day like today....exactly 18 hours from when I started it? I sat in my office alone and cried. I got it out. I prayed about it. My journal will hear about it and I'm QUITE SURE that tomorrow when I awake and try to move from this crash, I will remember to smile at the beautful balm of healing blessings that will be there to surround me . Listen folks...mean people SUCK! It's true. BUT the best words of advice I can give you here once again came from the scriptures but very creatively filtered through my daddy so as to be jewels of wisdom for his little girl.  He would see me in a tough, hurtful situation in which I definitely had the power to return pain for pain and say...."It's Ok just go and Kill'em with KINDNESS" and ya know what....that's exactly what I've been trying to do my entire life.... and that's definitely what I'm gonna do here. When I do so, in the morning when I look in the mirror,  I will able be proud of what I did.  That I didn't do it in response to a painful stiingger that was shot at me. In the end, that's all you're resonsibly supposed to do.
Enjoy your Sunday's rest tomorrow as I am leaving for a vacation tucked away in the mountains.
Funny how God knows just what you need before you know you're gonna need it now, isn't it! So, for a week, a bit of the best-0- Candace or a short post or two about my great mountain adventures here and there. My husband is needing my attention and I his. After 31 years of marriage a little advice there as well. You will do ALL SO WELL to pay attention to that also my friends and choose the right priorities when you're called to. SO, if you see some "best of" next week, you'll hopefully enjoy, but no matter...picture me playing in the cold crisp weather and being held in the warm loving arms of my husband and HEALING up for yet another round of life when I return.
God's speed to all, and yes, even to those who inflicted pain today,
alas..we are all human.

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