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Thursday, September 8, 2011

WEDNESDAY'S WELLNESS...(part 4 of my four part series)..."My Ten Minute Miracle Stress Reduction Cure"

So we’ve arrived. Part 4 of, our four part series and you dear friends have been journaling now for two weeks. Unless of course, you bent the rules just a bit. But we both know that YOU would never do that (at least not on purpose anyway), right? But, as I discussed last week, sometimes that just comes with the territory now doesn’t it? I’ve tried to introduce this discipline slowly, so as to not overwhelm those of you who were brave enough to sign on for this adventure. This is always a good approach when taking on a new task, especially when you’re not convinced it’s going to be you’re favorite CUP OF TEA.
For that very reason, to date, I’ve suggested that you not spend more than ten minutes at a time writing. Or at least that has been my suggestion and again I feel the need to ask…” how’s it working for you so far friends”?

The challenge of asking one to journal is much more than it appears, as those of you who did chose to join us can attest to. Ultimately, it’s a challenge to find the value in being QUIET and STILL, while at the same time, being able to look deep within your soul; to go there and learn to be comfortable being alone with your inner self, while letting the rapid roar of our societal waves wash over you. Tough order, I know and I'm proud of you.
As you begin to master the art of journaling your inner most thoughts, you’ll become more present and more comfortable with who you are. In time, you’ll also notice that you’re becoming more comfortable with and capable of- 'living in the moment', (a priceless jewel to acquire). When you've practiced taking the time to pull back from the crowd, center yourself and focus on the issues in your life that truly matter; reflecting on your strengths and working on your’ll finally be able draw from what you've learned, just when you find you need it the most. Continue journaling throughout your life, and the countless hours that you've logged, spent alone in deep reflection and contemplation will afford you the luxury of having truly learned to be completely at ease with the person you are and with the path that you've chosen; whether totally alone or when surrounded by a sea of people!
You see, we are such a busy society that the idea of what I have just described is often completely dismissed as something only possible to those who have wasted their lives with trivial matters and with the lack of success that must accompany such twaddle, you now must have more time on your hands than you should...and to that I say a big - ah HECK NO!!! That my friends, is just not so! In fact, when you study the lives of many who are and WERE considered to be the most exceptional individuals of our time, you’ll often find that upon their passing, volumes of personal journals have been found. In fact, I suggest that some of the most extraordinarily successful people are where they're at today because they have taken the time to put in the work it takes to write, reflect and learn from hours of deep introspection. Might want to ask Oprah what her thoughts are on the matter, as she sits upon the VOLUMES she's kept since a child. Last reported I believe she's consider the most powerful woman in television and BEYOND! Twaddle?...I think not.

In reality, the society in which we live, has become such a hustling, bustling  whirl of activity, that it's hard to rub against such a powerful grain. Everyone is quickly scampering about, with Blackberry's clutched in their hands,  Ipads under their arms and Blue Tooth's sticking out of their ears, (though at times, I must admit, I resemble these remarks), it's hard to know whether to say hello, or ask if they need an outlet to REBOOT!Running through life at such a frenetic pace, will eventually cause you to literally 'TANK' as you slowly but surley, run out of steam. As we fight to keep pace, it becomes very difficult to ever  feel justified in "sitting it out " a time or two for matters involving ‘inner development’, but, it can be done! However, you’ll find that if you ask these people, to take even ‘ten minutes’ to be quite, inert and introspective, it's like asking them to take a day off work so they can go swimming with the sharks. The answer to that would be a big old “THANKS BUT NO THANKS! Ever wonder why that is? It’s simple, in a society that reveres and applauds busyness;’s just not cool. In fact some of my clients have described trying to take “a time out” as excruciatingly uncomfortable and they’ve told me the idea of actually trying to take the time out of their busy day to sit down and journal....well this made them felt extremely guilty! Ever felt that way? Heck I have and I have learned to get over it!
In fact, try this little experiment. The next time you stop by your favorite coffee shop to run in and grab a hot one, take a moment to stop, watch and listen to the frenzied activity, going on all around you. Try not to join in and while you’re waiting for the friendly neighborhood barista to finish making your afternoon pick me up, just observe and be silent. Linger just a bit longer and sure enough, a sound emerges that is undeniable. All the inflections and subtle tones of each individual voice begin to fade, as they meld into one unmistakable harmonic. It’s a vibration of sounds...
It culminates from a sea of people, with each individual straining their voices in an attempt to be heard, to know that they matter. Yet, when heard from the peaceful distance of a still, quiet spirit, these individual vibrations begin to sound like a distant whir; a humming if you will. It’s similar to when we stare at a piece of art that at first glance, appears to be nothing other than a frenzied attempt by the artist to create a master piece from a mottled mass of indiscriminately splattered dots, dashes and lines. Yet when we step back, take a deep breath and allow ourselves to become present, quiet and still, it’s then that we can often see the master’s true artistry. When we look more intently at what is REALLY THERE, a hidden artistic jewel is unveiled. However, when standing too close, all we could see was a tangled mass of lines. Thus, when we take the time to sit, breath deeply and remove ourselves from difficult situations, or anxiety causing times, jot down our thoughts and regroup, we can better unravel what appears to be a tangled mess and reveal the beauty of the lessons that lie within the storm.

By taking time to slow down, look inward and ask ourselves the hard questions, we gain a clearer perspective on what really matters. We also can begin to find the beauty in the tangled miss mash of struggles and trials that from the proper perspective, (a perspective of gratitude), we see more clearly. When we can see things more clearly, it’s easier to solve problems, relax in moments of stress and really take in the world around us as we should. One moment at a time, one sentence at a time, one paragraph… One page….etc.!

SO, what now?
FIGHT to make Journaling a habit..a part of your every day life.
Just as important...don’t chastise yourself for when you miss a day or two or even three.
Just pick it back up when you can and keep on writing.
This is not about adding more stress and anxiety to your life by worrying about whether or not you're  DOING “IT RIGHT”. This is a pleasure and a privilege and should be looked at as such. It's a treat, to take the time to sit quietly and with pen and paper and sincerely reflect on one's life with a grateful heart.

This way, journaling will be with you for a lifetime and Oh…ten minutes, I dare ya to try keeping it to that.
Oh, one more thing. The other day someone asked me, “well… what all should I be writing about”?
My question back is, what wouldn’t you be?

Until tomorrow,

Keep writing it all down and let your own life be a lesson book to learn from.

Power On,


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