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Saturday, September 17, 2011

SATURDAY'S SPECIAL...."My Recovery Update...Quick before I'm Caught"!

Hi all..
Slow and steady. Within a week my doctor and I feel I will be back in the saddle - gently!
I had a breast cancer scare years ago...two actually. A large lump was found and monitored with mammograms when I was in my late twenties. .....early thirties  The lump had changed and looked much like a malignancy. I basically had a lumpectomy and PRAISE GOD...the results came back benign. That same breast grew another benign tumor...that was removed and checked and needless to say, we had some reconstruction done.
This has caused complications 5 times now. SO six surgeries later...we are hoping for the best and that this does not occur again. SO, we wait for recovery as my muscle was deeply cut and well, the pecs can hurt a bit. I am. Getting there and sharing as usual. Hope it's not TMI but it is what it is and I would never have had this done if I had not felt a little too mangled for my comfort level....everyone has to choose what is best for them.
This was the choice I made and I stand by it. No regrets here. But this has been a bit challenging. Know what I consider a real challenge... if I had found out that those lumps were malignant. SO, not much complaining on my end. I have dear friends who are my "sheroes and heroes" who found themselves not so fortunate and did not escape the dreaded "C" word, including members of my own family.  As we round the corner into October (national breast cancer awareness month), let's be ever so mindful of those who have fought and have left us, those who have fought and are still among us and those who are fighting right now. Notice I did not say fought and won or fought and lost. I don't believe that is the case. For all who fought ...won! They all fight or fought or are fighting now, the good fight and are all winning warriors in my book. OFTEN...God's GOOD AND PERFECT will is a strange and mysterious challenge for us to accept. But it is to be accepted.
SO, I leave you today with this famous thought.
Let us each day remember to live in such a way to Fight to Change the things we have the chance to, to accept the things that will not Change no matter our efforts and GOD'S BRILLIANT WISDOM to know and then to accept the difference.
Power on Sisters and Brothers...POWER ON....
Your sibling in the battles and  bounties of life...
Until Monday,

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