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Saturday, August 13, 2011

SATURDAY'S SPECIAL...(this week) "Candace's Four Keys to Successful Weight Managment"!

(continued)...WEEK 4 ...THE LAST and FINALWEEK in our four part Sat. Series, "The 4th TIP in Candace's FOUR KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT MANAGMENT"!
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4) Choose High Volume Low Calorie Foods (bigger food volume and less calories will win every time). You will be more successful in losing body fat, if you pick foods that are LARGE IN SIZE and small in calories as opposed to the other way around.

EXAMPLE: Pick a HUGE salad with lettuce, red/green/orange or yellow peppers, mushrooms, celery, cauliflower, raw green beans or cooked, onions, broccoli, cucumbers etc. and for protein, 4 egg whites (72 calories, 16 grams protein)sliced on top, or a small skinless chicken breast will do the trick as well (120 calories and 24 grams protein). Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and squeezed lemon wedges, salt and pepper and END IT! Total calories, depending on protein source, anywhere from 150 to 195 for 3 to 4 cups of nutrient dense, filling fiber rich food. I leave the table feeling pleasantly Stuffed and WITH A LOW CALORIC INTAKE, less likely to cheat…YEAH ME!

I have my clients do this as opposed to choosing, let’s say, a small serving of baked Mac and Cheese, (ONLY 1 cup is approx. 350-400 calories with at least 144 of those calories coming from FAT)…and when you’re finished, you’re still wondering where the rest of your food is??
So your prescription;

DO these four things and you’ll win the battle of the bulge!!

While there has to be room for the things you love here and there, you CAN’T MAKE a steady diet of these and expect to WIN, if you are trying to drop body fat. Add some in here and there AFTER you get there, when you have reached your goals, you can play more with substitutions. Remember this line that I use with ALL of my clients. “You have a goal, it’s just food and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be making that (fill in the blank) TOMORROW”. So just make the choice today to pick something else that will fill you up and assist you in FINALLY winning this battle. After all, aren’t you tired of the fight? Starting and stopping, never really getting there? Go to war, beat back the bulge and END IT! Too much time and energy has already been spent on this one, get it done and get on with life. It’s a choice.

So..your homework for successful weight managment...

1) Combine protein and carbs to stay full longer.

2) Fuel your metabolism and keep it working for you.

3) Workout and eat as if you didn’t that day.

4) Eat high volume, low calorie nutritious foods.

STARTING NEXT SATURDAY...we switch from 'Saturday's Special' To "SATURDAY'S SOAP BOX" and I can't wait! It's my little haven where i can spout off about ..oh , pretty much whatever is on my mind. STAY TUNED and aren't we having fun? NOW IT'S YOUR TURN....FOLLOW THIS I want to share the conversations with you...hear your questions, your commmens and your suggestions etc. so Please, join and we can chat...I look forward to hearing from you. ALSO, Monday, we will have our new website published and it is worth a look-see! We're so excited.  Monday afternoon go to and you can now even shop "my favorite Jewelery line", Oh it's so exciting and beutiful and I want you to be suprised, so I won't say any more but just wait till Monday's amazing!.

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I’m on your side,

Power On,


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