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Saturday, August 6, 2011

SATURDAY'S SPECIAL...(this week) "Candace's Four Keys to Successful Weight Managment"

Continuation of our Saturday Four Week Special Series...
KEY NUMBER THREE-week number three...(Next Saturday's Special, Final Tip Number 4)
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TODAY TIP 3) When trying to drop some pounds, eat the same way on the days your exercise as on the days you DON’T(don’t make the mistake of eating your results)!! This one will make all the difference in the world.

EXAMPLE: So Monday, you don’t workout. You eat your planned amount of calories for the day. After all, you really have to be careful right? You didn’t exercise to burn any extra calories to help those few bites of dark chocolate almond bark stashed in the pantry just calling your name…..”Oh just a bite or two tonight won’t hurt, my exercise will more than take care of that”….sound familiar ya’ll? Tuesday however, you go to the gym and KILL IT! “Surly I can eat more today, I burned a ton of calories….even the machine said so”! Mistake number one is to believe the “estimated” caloric expenditures that many cardio machines spit out….BAD IDEA!

I’ve had machines give me a hearty 295 calories burned over what my personalized Heart Rate Monitor calculates…and that one is accurate! OVER ESTIMATING calories burned often equals UNDER ESTIMATING calories eaten afterward. Do this and YOU JUST ATE YOUR RESULTS! SO, if you burned a few, let them work for you…and eat the same as if you hadn’t worked out at all. You’ll lose weight. When one changes their caloric intake to make up for what they’ve burned……WELL THAT’S CALLED MAINTAINANCE!!so,when trying to lose weight...EAT WITH EXERCISE AMNESIA!

Until Monday..
Power On,

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