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Monday, August 8, 2011

MONDAY’S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE…”what’s the Special Occasion”?

So, how’s your Monday been so far? Hope you’ve finding reasons to celebrate. Even if it’s just being alive to roll around in it (another Monday that is),  yet again. Thanks be to God for that little blessing alone!

I found myself thinking of ya’ll on Sunday morning . Before we'd even  'really' cleaned up or come close to heading off for Church, my husband and I had our usual moment together.  Very Early, (as is always the case.), we'd come downstair and met over OUR “Hawaiian Tradition” that for us means so much. I’ve mentioned before that last year upon our return home from our usual summer trip to Kona, I had decided to carry a tradition we'd kept for a couple of years there, back home  with us, to the mainland. This way, we continue a deeper expression of our appreciation for the gift of life, our many blessings and EACH OTHER !

SO, yes, crazy as it may sound to some, ( and NO we are not what one would call DRINKERS at ALL), we pull out our champagne and pour just enough into two beautiful glasses to float a few fresh berries , a sip or two….and toast the day that is to come. During the week, we switch to evenings and come together to do the same. "To do the same", you may ask? Yes…to Celebrate! "Is there always a special occasion, is there always something to be THAT GRATEFUL FOR"? Well that’s the reason for the title of this MONDAY’S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE! It’s the answer I gave to the cashier at our local Safeway store this past Sunday morning . You know, the grocery stores that harbors that little caffeine pushing pagoda we’ve come to enjoy so much? Yea, Starbucks. I ran in for just a quick trip. Just in and out. Yea, right! Well, much to my husband’s dismay, the flowers in the store caught my eye. As he rounded the parking lot a few more times than expected and awaiting my return, I rapidly paid for the coffee and made a bee-line to the most majestic looking, tall, bright yellow and coral edged gladiolas I’d ever seen. ON SALE! Oh BOY, My favorite words. A Huge bundle of joy for just $3.99! Now that’s hard to pass by, I don’t care who ya are. Next to them, were their signature one dozen long stem roses in various colors for under a ten spot! I had to bring them home. Bright coral Roses and those brightly orange edged, yellow gladiolas were two bundles of beauty I just had to have. I cautiously laid them across my arms, as I did my all to often high wire act to the registers.’ Then I saw it. OH, they had displayed some of the beautiful blossoms right by the register I was approaching and while I craftily balanced my tray of coffees, I bent down and picked up the piece de résistance; an exquisite, pristine white vase, with silver overlay. This was a cut above what I’d seen in a good long while for a place to house ones flowers. In a split second I’d decided that entire ensemble must come home with me. I scooped up the vase, didn’t spill a drop of the ‘nectar of the God’s’ , that with each passing moment I was needing more and more…and placed my treasures on the belt. Roses, Gladiolas, and a most magnificent vase….ALL ON SALE..I was pleased.

This was not the type of purchase one could easily push past the scanner without comment. As I put down the coffee and reached for my wallet….she went for it. I was expecting somthing like, “Oh, how beautiful” or maybe “What goeorgous colors. I Hadn't seen these beauties yet”. But for some reason, what she did say, struck me kind of funny. “Oh, they are gorgeous” she said, and with the greatest confidence she continued, “What’s the SPECIAL OCCASION”? Grammatically speaking, this was a question of course; however, conversationally speaking...It didn't sound like one. This sounded more like a certainty. It was coming off as if to imply that no-one would be buying this and this only, unless there was something to … Celebrate? I looked at her smiling face as she helped my bundle up my morning’s fabulous find and said, “Special occasion? Well, actually it is. We’re celebrating another Sunday together. What a beautiful day”! She looked at me inquisitively and then smiled back as though she wished she’d been thinking the same.

SO, they are sitting in the middle of our living room and when we pass by, we stop.

Honestly, we do. We walk over…take a peek and smile.” What’s to celebrate”? You tell me?

What’s it going to be tonight…tomorrow? Think on these things and PEACE will come and stay a while with you.

Until tomorrow,
Enjoy every minute. For truly, every moment is
A gift, handed down from 'the Father of Lights'!

God's speed...

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