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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Welcome to our very first “SATURDAY’S SOAP BOX”. This is my formal introduction to what will now be the ‘official topic’ for each Saturday Edition of  my” Memoirs of a Fitness Diva” Blog!  It took a good month for me to hit my stride, (now that EnergyCare has awakened me enough to continue my passionate affair with writing,*). As I began to grapple with the format, I decided that I would create a daily schedule. Each day of the week would represent a different aspect of health and fitness that would hopefully produce an overall balanced, entertaining and informative view of the ‘Whole Enchilada’ in the matters of wellness, from A to Z that MATTER TO YOU! My prayer is that in time, we will become your “GO TO PLACE” for most any and all life changing, health related information you seek. So, first and foremost, you… I, we all need and seek Motivation. Therefore, we start the week and offer just that with “MONDAY’S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE”. In the world of Fitness Training, the topics are a miriad of topics so we have you covered with “TUESDAY’S TRAINING TIPS”. For matters related directly to your HEALTH, including the latest topics pertaining to medical issues that are of the utmost importance to us all, I have respectfully added a “WEDNESDAY WELLNESS” page where we will site only the most reputable sources with reference material for you to research further if you so choose. Nutrition is an area that is so vast and so vital to the day and age in which we are living that I  have a safe haven for you with our “THURSDAY’S DISH’IN NUTRITION” page. I will cover the misinformation being haphazardly thrown about and become a beacon of TRUTH that separates fact from fiction for those who are seeking just that…the truthful facts, including the latest research and medical findings on the matters of sound and sensible nutrition. Then for a little lighter side, we have added a Recipe page with FRIDAY’S FESTIVE FARE! It’s Low calorie, Low fat, Nutrient dense cooking, DELICIOUS cooking with fabulous taste and a festive flare that will have you printing these pages and wanting to share. And then…I needed to do what many bloggers mainly create blogs to do. Each Saturday will be  a “Page ‘O Candace”! What I have to say each week may not be your cup of tea but I promise it won’t be boring. DO we have a DEAL? IN fact, the only thing I ask is ….Won’t you please join my blog so that you can chime in?? Oh please do. I wanna hear what you have to say. I want you talking back here. I want to hear from you and have you dish back at me (as we all play nice and just have a blast). This will be a positive place to say it like it is. We can  bring our opinions in a sensitive and possible manner and yet still be say it as we see it! SO, next Saturday, the “SOAP BOX BEGINS” in earnest, so you have an entire week to get on board, join as a follower of the blog and prepare to dive in. I can’t wait.

So enjoy the rest of your weekend. 
There will be no post on Sundays,
(There never have been, there will be)!
After all, it's all about balance.

Until Monday, prepare to dish.


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