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Monday, August 22, 2011


“Do or do not, there is no try”! Ever heard this quote? It recently crossed my path while perusing a book of famous quotes. Oh, for me, that’s a little touch of heaven.

I mean the activity itself. Don’t get me wrong, the quote is genius; I was just thinking that I’d enjoy that right now. You know, I’m talking about taking even the smallest block of free time, to grab a cup of tea and leaf through a book of famous quotes. To me, that’s special. In fact, in today’s ‘warp speed, whirl wind, information highway… that we’re all being pushed toward, the words ‘FREE TIME’ could be considered a bit of an oxymoron, oh well…that’s more a topic for a WEDNESDAY WELLNESS POST about balance. ONE DAY AT A TIME CANDACE! I hear ya. So,“DO or do not, there is no try”! Now you’re probably thinking either, “Boy that’s a bit of genius”, or it could be more like “ah, WHAT THE HECK CANDACE”? Well, did you every watch “Star Wars”? Trust me, I’m no aficionado, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”…(any Seinfeld fans?), but I do remember it enough to have not forgotten the most memorable characters. Well this quote, this FABULOUS quote that I have committed to memory and more, came from a character in those movies. Now that I’ve given a bit of the answer away, wanna wager a guess as to which one it “most sounds like”?

Yep, it’s YODA! You remember the little green Zen kinda guy. “Do or Do Not, THERE IS NO TRY”. Now that I’ve said it again, he’s about the only one that could have said it. He always spoke a bit backwards. But backward or forward, this SO makes sense. I’ve been using it ever since I read it a few months ago. Yoda of all characters has hit the nail on the head. Who Knew?

You know, as a coach, trainer, nutritionist and motivator, I have spoken with and continue to speak with so many different kinds of people and I still love every second of it. Form individuals to large corporate groups, I’m telling you, It never gets boring… at least not for me. Why? Because I know that reasonable goals have a reasonable means to an end. So simply put; Plan your work and work your plan. Within in that plan, include a simple, well thought out time line in which to accomplish them and ANYTHING is possible. It’s exciting. I’m excited and my job is to get them excited about the absolute certainty of the possibility that what they want is within their reach. In other words, I have to get THEM ON BOARD the” DESTINATION to full blown MOTIVATION TRAIN”! Sounds simple right? Ha! THAT DESERVES ANOTHER…HA!!!

Trust me, I have rubbed my hands back and forth across my head so many times, while patiently listening to someone give perfectly lame excuses as to why they can’t, oh let’s say…. “get up a whole half hour earlier” for example. Even though in this scenario, we’ve ‘WELL established together’ that if they did, what they say they were DYING to achieve, they most likely would and I swear though I am a woman , I don’t know why at this point …I’m not completely BALD! A head can only take so much friction before one’s hair just jumps up and leaves before the next pulling begins. In the end, no matter what their goals may be, I’m up for the challenge. Heck, as we are finishing up…I leave stoked. It’s been my experience that what is often seemingly impossible, really Isn’t at all. SO I try to at least get them psyched. I know sometimes I must come off like a football coach getting the team ready to rush the locker room door and take no prisoners in the second half.

I rev them up and as I speak with them, I swear I can “literally SEE THEM WHERE THEY WANT TO BE”…and it’s exciting. My heart is pounding towards the end of our sessions as I run down the list of things I have for them to do for the next week or weeks, as the case may be, (homework assignments if you will), often signing “Accountability Contracts”, stating that they have once and for all, promise to give themselves the better part. Basically they are signing a paper saying that they commitment to follow my suggestions and begin to live an ABUNDANT life. In signing the contract ( if I feel it needs to go that far), they are promising that they’ve had enough of destructive behaviors and promise they will not violate the agreement until the goal they have hired me to help them achieve have been accomplished. Seems reasonable enough, so you’d think. I get up, shake their hand and that’s when they say it. It goes kinda like this. ‘Ok Dave, We got this, you ready”? My client….. “I’LL TRY”!!!! ARGGGGGG……..

Know what that means? NOTHING…absolutely nothing. While we don’t control the universe…THANK GOD OR WE’D REALLY MESS THAT UP…so many things are outside our control. However, whether we will work hard to do what we say we will….we can pretty much control that!

So, my challenge to you for this week (small steps, though trust me, you probably won’t find this so small), don’t say “I’ll try” when it comes to matters of your commitment.

Start here and see how it changes you. Remember, we win with the power of our minds. So when you say “I’ll try” you just said, I MIGHT AND I MIGHT NOT! Instead say, I will. “I will eat what we just came up with for breakfast lunch and dinner this week” or “I will do my cardio 5 days this week” better still if you read our WEDNESDAY WELLNESS this past week…. “I Will write in my journal every night”….say” I WILL”, because saying “I’ll try” says nothing at all.

Until tomorrow, PLEASE REMEMBER …When you change your thinking, you change your LIFE!

“I WILL” write you tomorrow. I won’t try!
(FYI...I always add, God Willing" after I make a promise... becuase my computer could catch fire, but often that kind of thing is
better left to those who would say "my dog at my homework." SO, other than an ACT OF GOD...we got this)


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