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Monday, August 1, 2011

MONDAY'S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE..."When is The Last Time You Did Something For The FIrst TIme"?

So, how's the subtitle hitting you? If you find yourself reading it over and over, don't start wondering if you've suddenly become a bit obtuse,( literarily speaking that is). It's actually a mind full. Not from the standpoint of difficult or obscure language.... but sadly, because for so many of us, the concept is completely foreign, though understandably so. I think we'd all agree it's a lovely thought,(the idea of some new adventure in our lives to keep us fresh and living large). But with what we already have on our plates, it's hard to wrap our minds around engaging in some brand new activity or endeavor and honestly, I get it. It feels as though every nano second of our daily lives is spoken for. SO, if we're lucky enough to grab hold of even a sparsely woven, paper thin shred of spare time, the only things we even feel adequate to consider, involve kicking back and chilling out, PERIOD! Just can't envision pushing back from the desk and yelling.. “OH BOY, a! Well I know what I need...ACTIVITY and ADVENTURE"

So, coming clean here…I’ll bite the bullet and confess I am example number two.
"YOU'VE FINALLY LOST YOUR MARBLES CANDACE”! Well I hear ya and I must admit I resemble that remark, but… that's of course assuming that I ever, at some point, had them all to begin with. You see, what you may not know, is that at 13 yrs. old I considered show jumping Thoroughbreds over huge fences a good old time, as my sport of choice. Then beginning in my mid 30’s I 'accidently' fell into the knowledge that I was a rather fast distance runner. I know that sounds a bit odd, but even though I had been in the professional fitness field for some time, apperently this information had  just eluded me. So I enetered a charity 5K, and on a whim, I thought, "what would happen here if I decided to really BRING IT" ...and who knew? The rest is history as I became a on professional Marathon competitor and coach .In my 40’s I experienced another first . This time I found that hanging upside down from high elevations with nothing more between me and crashing to the earth, than a meager harness, some carabineers, a carefully tied rope and hopefully a focused belay partner.  Much to my husbands dismay, I consider this PURE BLISS and Rock Climbing has become a passion of another level all together. One has to wonder, even taking into account just a few of my physical symptoms that I daily battle....oh let's pick my Chronic Fatigue and Chronic pain syndromes and the question "what gives" is more then reasonable. Well, the answer to that question is beyond complex, but for todays topic, let's focus on the fact that as a result of having closly brushed death a couple of times now... with God's help...I Just REFUSE  a "less than" ABUNDANT LIFE! It is the contiunual experience of seeking out and finding ways to take advantage of the fullest expression of what life has to offer that keeps me so fresh and fully infused with joy. It has the power to heal your broken spirit. For example, because of one of the symptoms I deal with …I really, RARELY sleep. Since that kicked in, whenever I wake, I go through the house each morning …be it 2:30, 3 or 4 AM..and I light about 15 glistening candles. I then sit still in their glowing presence, speak with our creator and find that I consider myself a bit fortunate now to experience a part of the day that most will never see! Now to me, THAT’S LIVING ABUNDENTLY  and  what is true for me, is what I've found to be true for all of those whom I have met, who chose to live manner. What I've found, is that It comes from an INWARD DESIRE to "accept the things  that we can not change" but to do so in such a way that we'll will dig dip and won't stop until we find ways to use those chalanges for noble purposes. In addition, to be a card carring memeber of the "ABUNDANT LIFE CLUB", You've had to make the CHOICE to believe that though it has its many challenges, LIFE in it's totality .... is meant to be celebrated every day. It’s up to us to MAKE that doesn't just run you down. It's work, oh but in time, it becomes as easy as breathing the breath of this manificent adventure that's just ours for the taking. Now that can mean remembering that years ago when you were away on a spa trip, you finally understood the addictive power of Fitness Walking. Or, You have always heard that taking just 15 minutes out of your day to Journal is a great idea for stress reduction and refection of thanksgiving and you’ve always really wanted to try. SO you decide to reclaim the first time you tried Power Walking and change your current Wed. cardio routine to Fitness Walking for an hour outside instead. Or, go buy a beautiful Journal and decide to write in your schedule when you’ll take your 15/20 minute break(I added the five minutes cause this just screams to add a cup of tea), to settle back, relax, reflect and write. The title, “when is the last time you did something for the first time”, needn’t be anymore grandiose than that! You’d be surprised how much more rich your life will be when you find yourself beginning to look forward to this seemingly small addition to your daily routine. Living abundantly doesn’t mean scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro (though I have a couple of friends who chose that route, it’s what ever experience that you chose to do for the first time that adds joy to your existence). It’s just that simple.

So dear friend, think on what you’ve always though of trying. I have a long list, some have short lists….there is no right or wrong here. But, there is so much joy to be had as we once again make a choice to celebrate a life that God has generously gifted us into existence to experience. I’ll leave you today with this thought as this could become one of your “last things your remember doing for the first time too”. This year, when we returned form our home away form home in Hawaii, we decided to keep up a tradition that we had always only done there. SO, Each and every evening, when my husband and I stop our flitting around and begin settling down for the evening, we come together for a celebration of life, the day and most importantly …each other. (Heading round the bend to 30 yrs. of marriage, I’d say not bad). Who ever get’s to it first sets up a little place setting of some of our Hawaiian knickknacks, turns on our favorite Hawaiian music and places two beautiful glasses with several frozen blueberries in the bottom in the center. We pour just a few ounces of fabulous champagne and we listen to the music, look into each other’s eyes, and we do a toast with a kiss. This is the end to our day and the beginning of our evening together. There’s one for you to try.

Until Tomorrow,

Celebrate each moment,

We have so few of them…


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