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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm consistently being asked about what fitness routines, nutrition programs (other than ours or course)and/ or what exercise equipment that I might deem best for people to either engage in, Sign up for or purchase as the "BEST -O- FITNESS" according to Candace! No pressure there. I'm also asked (even more importantly) what to save them from and just dismiss as total bunk when it comes to the business of getting in shape, muscling up AND even of course, losing (especially now days), quite often - a substantial amount of weight. These busy, inquisitive fitness seekers, of above average intelligence I might add, have some interesting ideas of their own. How they got those ideas might sound a bit familiar? Here's an honest and fair depiction of how this well-meaning inquisition comes down and my bare bones no nonsense answers. They just may surprise you. It goes something like this.

I’m in a local grocery story when all of a sudden a person taps me on the shoulder and vivaciously announces “Oh MY GOSH…CANDACE, how are you. It’s been a while. Ya know, I haven’t seen you at the club and I’m so glad I ran into you! Actually…got a quick second? (I’ve never noticed a pause here where I can actually answer that one so we just continue),

"Ok, now listen.. I mean I really want to get in shape and lose some weight and THIS TIME I'M SERIOUS. SO, what do you recommend? I mean I know that running is like THE BEST but it sometimes hurts my knees and back but I'll do it if I have to. My nanny's brother runs marathons and he's super lean and she said it's like the best for keeping your weight down cause he's a rail. Maybe I just answered my next question about what piece of cardio equipment I should put in the house. If running makes ya lean, I’ll learn to like to run. So a treadmill it is. But now that I think of it, I was also considering investing in that "P90X" workout that they show on the infomercials. My neighbor uses it and loves it and says that it has changed her life.

Though I haven’t noticed much of a difference in her body but she says she only does it once a week so…that’s a bit confusing. Then again, I also saw a commercial for a program called "INSANITY"? Looks pretty cool but also pretty much the same as the X series so, humm. Oh, and before you go, I REALLY wanted to ask you about an interview I recently saw with ' Madonna' the other night on VH1 . She was saying that she owes her physique to YOGA! I mean Wow. I've like always wanted to try it and I was thinking that since she's SO ripped and cut, maybe I could just focus on that? I mean I've wanted to do a little more stretching and Lord knows I could use to finally address the idea of Stress Reduction. Since yoga does all that PLUS growing guns like hers...maybe that’s it, right? .

OH MY GOODNESS….after each manic encounter like this I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a wet squirrel (my dad was from Oklahoma, so my redneck roots are showing and I’m proud of ‘em YA’LL)!

Look folks, look at how we gather our information. I’m not gonna cut through this entire monologue piece by piece. That would be as crazy as this sounds! I REFUSE!! Here’s all I need to say for all you need to know;

1) P90X and INSANITY and all other WORKOUT programs for that matter, are good IF they get you moving, raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for at least 30 minutes .Ideally it should also include a resistance training portion as well. In addition you need to choose a program with movements appropriate for YOUR BODY. If it fits all of the above criteria, you need to make sure YOU like it ENOUGH TO USE IT! Then, it’s the RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU!

2) Running. I am a professional Marathon competitor and I am here to tell you, while It burns a lot of calories per hour, so does kick boxing (which I also do). Having said that, it is also one of the most aggressive activities to you joints etc. than almost any other sport out there. So , is it the ‘BEST THING”? The rule of thumb here is if it HURTS don’t do it. There are so many alternatives to choose from. Find one YOU LIKE and do it. Try an elliptical trainer or go road biking and then maybe throw in a run…MIX it up PEOPLE. The possibilities are endless.

3) The piece of cardio equipment you MUST BUY IS…wait for it….THE ONE YOU WILL USE! And last but not least….

4) Stop listening to your Nanny, your nanny’s brother, your neighbor or MADONNA (who by the way, got those guns before she ever did yoga, though yoga helps but she obviously has a great amount of testosterone….no duh). While yoga is a perfectly great activity, (I happen to love it), it won’t give you a cardiovascular effect or in most cases, won’t build guns like Madonna

5) Bottom line. Eat a sensible diet. To lose weight take in less calories than you need to maintain your weight. DO the workouts that feel right to your body and MIX IT UP….you will have a better physique from cross training and less of a chance of encountering overuse injuries. No, the truth isn’t super cool, awe inspiring or sexy BUT IT JUST SO HAPPENS TO WORK, now that’s cool!

Until tomorrow,
Please keep asking me questions here as you comment on this blog and when you see me, I actually enjoy helping.

Power On,


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