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Monday, July 25, 2011

MONDAY'S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE - "What Would You DO If You Thought You Couldn't Fail"?

A while back, I was working in my office when I broke focus, leaned back and reached up for a quick stretch. As I sat back, something on my desk caught my attention and in what seemed like less than a minute, I had a life changing "AHA MOMENT"! An Interesting side bar here; this idea of "breaking focus" is WAY rare for me. Thus, I consider this day’s revelation to be nothing less than by Divine appointment! My husband and I have both decided that we consider him more than a little bit 'Attention Deficit Disordered', I on the other hand seem to have a freaky kind of ' Attention Ferocity Disorder' (my terminology of course). I'm not bragging here, trust me... I'm not really so sure if it's a good thing. I mean it's intense. So, Attention Ferocity Disorder...or HYPER FOCUSED...I don't know what you want to call it, maybe just plain old WIERD but really, check this out. One time, I decided to take a moment and figure out how long I'd worked in one sitting without moving. I did the math and realized I had started at 6:30 AM and hadn't broke focus until about 11:15. That's almost 5 hours that I hadn't moved. My bladder was about to burst but I really hadn't recognized it till I was shaken out of this odd "hyper-focused fog" and looked up from my computer. By that time I had to go so bad that I had a hard time standing up to get there, if know what I mean. SO, I guess
if you are the object in front of me that’s a good thing for you but if you expect me to notice the periphery, your hair better be on fire cause the one in front of me HAS MY UNDIVIDED ATTENTION! It's a case of down right all out TUNNEL VISION! Well good or bad, I have it. NOW...In Candace like fashion, "I said all of that to say this"…. So, when I broke focus to stretch that day, the sun caught the edge of what had been my favorite pewter desk plaque with these words inscribed; "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW YOU COULDN'T FAIL" ? Oh, how I had
loved that saying, how powerful. At least that's what I HAD THOUGHT. But this day, it made my head twist a side, like a dog hearing a high pitched sound. "What would I do if I thought I couldn't fail"? I said it quietly over and over again. I was literally dumbstruck, I was staring
at it like I'd been hypnotized by the thought. Then, out of no where it hit me and it wasn't subtle. It felt like a freight train crashing through my brain ...( it often does when I feel the Divine getting MY ATTENTION). "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T FAIL? WELL YOU WOULD DO THE SAME THINGS YOU WOULD IF YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD! You see ya'll, I learned long ago, control is an absolute illusion. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. SO YOU CAN ALWAYS POSSIBLY FAIL!

No matter how much confidence you have about a certain matter, we are not ultimately in control. For example, I was convinced that I'd be finished with a specific project today by 2:00. So, I scheduled another adventurous goal right after because I was convinced that I couldn't fail. However, I was working in a Local Starbucks when a storm came up and knocked the power out. I was the last to leave as I had offered to help a few folks who needed assistance ...why? Well, because we were told to evacuate. Guess timeline? I failed. Storms that knock out power are not within my control. Get it? Thus, failure is always an option, so chew on this. If you've been one who's rather afraid of failure you've also unknowingly then, been afraid of success! That one will keep you up tonight. So, what now? Now how would you answer the question? Well I'd suggest my answer for you too, “I’ll do the same darn things I'd do if I thought I could fail cause no matter what, failure is always possible. SO, not if, but When I DO FAIL, at least I know I have tried and after I have dusted myself off, I'll get up and go after it stronger and more "Ferocious", all over again. THIS IS HOW ONE LIVES AN ABUNDANT LIFE; GO FOR IT AND HAVE NO FEAR!

Think on that…

Until tomorrow,

Be fearless,


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