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Thursday, July 28, 2011

THURSDAY'S DISH'IN NUTRITION...."Banking Calories? Not gonna happen"

Breakfast; for some people it might as well be a four letter word. I know, please… not another article on the virtues of starting your day with a balanced breakfast right? Well, yes and a big NO as well. I'm not here to cram food down anyone’s throat, be it first thing in the morning, or any time of day for that matter. My purpose here is to shed light on and open a dialogue about the mental side of the equation. When it comes to poor eating habits, there are many reasons why people choose to skip meals. Breakfast happens to be one of the most commonly skipped meals in the American diet today. Beyond that, we find that many who often choose to do so are also more inclined to continue to skimp on food throughout the first half of the day. Now you may be thinking that if folks are skimping on and even skipping meals all together, why then or HOW is it, that we find ourselves battling an obesity epidemic? GREAT QUESTION! And it’s the ‘BACKFIRE’ of a seemingly “reasonable” idea to skipping breakfast,and possibly even skimping on lunch (all of which will, over time - slow ones metabolism), that has deffinately played a part in the weight problems we have in this country today. How so? Because of the concept of 'BANKING CALORIES'. You know, the idea of  leaving one's self a little "wiggle room" if you will. Thus,  allowing a few...or a lot of extra calories left available to us at the end of the day, "banked "from skipping meals earlier . These 'left over calories' are only available to be comsumed (we tell ourselves) IF BY CHANCE later on ,a pint of Ben and Jerry's starts calling our name. But guess what?  Keep banking calories during the day, creating that little mental  "escape hatch"....  and Ben and Jerry's will win every time ! So,the idea of BANKING CALORiES will never win in the long run. Let's take it step further. When we then add rather large amounts of  exercise to this misplaced attempt to manipulate the system  (which interestingly enough is often  the M.O. for many who  engage in this type of  behavior), what we end up with is A bunch
of ravenous, over hungry people, either heading out to restaurants or into the kitchen,  feeling  completely guilt free and rather proud of the fact that they have starved themselves into a what they think is a surplus of guilt free calories to consume . Of course in most cases, they over estimate the calories they've burned during their workouts and under estimate the food they are taking in to make up for it...and the so called "guilt free" Feeding Frenzie adds up to total dietary disaster. The flood gates of our food intake flow freely (when our starved, slightly more than sluggish metabolisms can handle it the least) and we let it all hang out. it’s a FOOD FREE FOR ALL THAT ENDS UP MAKING US OVER BODY FAT IN THE END…the exact opposite effect they were shooting for. So, I have one challenge for today and more to come later. One day at a time. I challenge those who fit this picture of food banking, cardio addicts to start the day by eating a nutritious breakfast. I can hear the screams. NO…if I do that I won’t have room to ….ah to…well, ‘cheat’. That’s correct!

If you start your day by revitalizing a lack luster metabolism from years of treating it poorly, you will also know in the back of your mind that you HAVE eaten. So you have not banked cheating calories. Eat a decent lunch as well and you may just be shocked that you may halt this cycle of mid day to late night binging and actually loose weight. SO, I went there. Don’t shoot the messenger. I went there because I know this exists. I see it everyday and I care for you. SO, here it is. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast; protein rich to WAKE UP your lazy metabolism and be brave enough to also add a healthy low calorie lunch. The results will shock and amaze. Weight loss. I’ll stake my reputation on it. Cause at the end of the day when you used to binge….I bet ya don’t! AMEN?

And they all said,

Yes coach, AMEN!

Until tomorrow

Take my dare - wake up and eat breakfast. Trust me, I truly care for you.


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