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Thursday, July 21, 2011


In Today’s discussion, we are merely brushing the tip of an enormous iceberg. The topic, FOOD LABELS and the myriad of misunderstood and confusing information found there! Now days, food labels contain a wealth of nutrition information that can be either LIFE CHANGING or confusing and difficult to decipher. So before we go any farther, I’m going to give you the first piece of information you want to look for on your next trip to the grocery store. I call it my “personal FOOD LABEL litmus test”. The nutrition information on our food packaging runs the gamete from the total Grams of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, to the breakdown of the Total Fat Grams themselves,(saturated, unsaturated, trans fats etc.). Sodium content, Sugar content you name it, we know it. So, ever wonder, with so much more information available to us than ever before, why in the world are we facing the biggest obesity and diabetes epidemic that this country has ever seen? HEY, if knowledge is power, we must be stuck in REVERSE and flying warp speed in that direction!!! Well, just so happens that I lecture on this topic and we found a study that showed when surveyed, most Americans said that Calories were NEXT TO THE LAST THING they checked as the order of importance to them when reading food labels. OUCH! Know why? I do. Misinformation when it comes to the reality about WEIGHT CONTROL! We have people so confused about what causes weight gain and how to control it, that they don’t give a rip about calories anymore. I want you to know that once again I’m exhibiting great self control here because I want to tell you why, however, in accordance with the new blog rules I have set for myself… that’s for another day. SO what is my food label litmus test? Well first understand that I do check Sodium and Sugars and Saturated Fats and Fiber and and and…yada yada yada, but only AFTER I DO THIS FIRST. I look first and foremost at the thing that most Americans ignore. I CHECK THE SERVING SIZE CAREFULLY and then THE CALORIES PER SERVING!!!! THAT’S THE FIST LITMUS TEST… If a box of warm cereal says SERVING SIZE ½ CUP ..CALORIES PER SERVING 385, guess what? IT GOES BACK ON THE SHELF. WHY? I do so because FOR ME…and my size and my daily caloric maintenance intake, there’s no reason for ME to read farther. I know that I’m am going to look for one that says more like ¾ cup and 250 calories for that serving. I buy and live off of nutritious Higher volume, Lower calorie foods that are gonna fill me up and not over shoot my daily intake. That’s what I throw in my shopping cart. Yes, it’s important to know the Saturated fat and sugar and fiber and sodium and- and- and… for nutrition sake and if then those numbers don’t look good, I sadly put it back and start all over again. I ALSO DON’T GIVE UP until I find an alternative that meets all the criteria I’m looking for. Those products are out there, trust me. SO, do my litmus test first, and then check the rest to decide then if it goes in your shopping cart .
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Eat less and move more. Nothing else to say!
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