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Friday, April 26, 2013

DISH’IN NUTRITION: "Dieting With 'HCG’ Shots - SAY WHAT"?

I recently got my wrist slapped by NBC.
Down south, it’d more aptly be categorized as a Good old Fashioned “Talk’in To”. Why? The answer to that is a bit of a knee slapper.

You know, when I 'hear' myself starting an article with statements like " knee slapper" or "good old fashioned Talk'in to" , well ya'll....(see, there it is again), I'm often struck with an overwhelming need - oh how shall I put it...the need to 'splain' myself . Ok, now that was funny - I HOPE!
I realize I’ve mentioned this briefly before , but apparently I feel the need to 'expand upon my explanation', (not exactly poetic, but I think you get my drift) .
It starts with the fact that I was born in California, though raised in New York.
However, the truly interesting part is that while I was raised in upstate NY, (about as far away from 'Southern influence and terminology as one can get), I wasn't far removed from it AT ALL!
While I may have grown up in NY, I was raised there by parents who hailed from Smithville , Oklahoma (a township so small that my Grand Father literally wore the hat of school teacher, Church pastor… AND… wait for it - MAYOR )!
If I'm ly'in - I'm dy'in (and THERE 'IT' is again).....but you just can’t make this stuff up.
My mother is from the thriving metropolis of Saluda , South Carolina . Saluda is the home of one “Piggly Wiggly” grocery store. It’s not only culturally colorful, but it’s also the only grocery store in town! Not too long ago, excitement swept through the tiny town when a Burger King was recently added to the short list of dining options within the city limits.
My cross-cultural upbringing also goes farther than skin deep. It also makes for interesting blood lines - I'm part French, British and Cherokee and to that I feel the need to shout out a big, Boy Howdy!
As a kid, I visited these digs during summer vacations and the truth is..I LOVED ‘EM and still do.
I mean give me a trip to Beaver Creek Dam on a hot summer day back in Oklahoma. and I'm a happy camper. All you need there for a day of fun in the sun is a large fluffy towel, a big bar of Ivory Soap ( it's large, it's white, and it floats ...making it easy to spot when bathing in the great outdoors), and a fishing pole to catch dinner before heading home!
The closest I've gotten to bathing in the great outdoors since, is when I'm home in Hawaii and take the opportunity for a shower outside at the Four Season's private lush -- - plush "Lava Rock Gardens" . No Ivory soap required!!
However – the truth still remains...I happen to like them both. But when push comes to shove... I'll take the Four Seasons every time.
So, being born on the Golden Coast and raised in New York by folks who would see a storm approaching and proudly proclaim "Hey kids, looks like it's coming... a frog strangler and a toad chocker” often made for what can only be described as a confusing, cultural conundrum for everyone involved .
I mean seriously, try explaining to your peers, a bunch of NY born and raised middle schoolers, what "frog strangling and toad choking" have to do with anything involving a thunderstorm and you have a slight glimpse into my adolescence - "can anyone say AWKWARD "?
So I like to refer to myself as a “Rupee” . I don't suggest trying to Google that one. You’re search bar will throw it right back!
However, I rather like the term.
It's what I've come up - after years of not quite feeling like I fit the cultural norm in many situations or surroundings and yet, also...never feeling as though I had to!
But even though while growing up...I may have noticed I was a bit different than those around me, I ALWAYS felt quite confident in who I was - you know, not feeling the NEED to 'fit in'.
Obviously that kind of self confidence at such a young age must have a good deal to do with some hard work on the part of my parents. The one thing I remember is that my dad was always working to instill in me a Good, Godly Dose of Self Worth!
Looking back on it now, neither as an adolescent nor as a young woman, did I ever feel as though I was quite the same as the rest of the crowd I was with, but I never really felt like I HAD TO BE...bravo dad, BRAVO!
SO in my terms......A 'Rupee' is a bonefied cross between a Red Neck (actually, a very CLASSY community, of which I feel proud to be a part, by birth right of my parents) and a Yuppie (Not always as classy at times, in my humble opinion...but it is what it is!) So I've been a bit , oh ...shall we say culturally confused at times", but confident in whom I am still the same.
In short, I like to sum it up like this; I still want to go fishing, but I want to drive my Mercedes to the fishing hole. Which by the way, I have done so and from time to time.... I still DO!
Now that I’ve fully explained the origin of my own colorful mixture of speech -frequently engaging the use of words like “Ya’ll”, and phrases such as “Boy Howdy, Dad Gum it and Knee slapper”, let me return to the original purpose of this article; How I got myself in a bit of a pickle on the news set a few weeks back.
It was my usual early Saturday morning segment and this one (as often is my custom), was to be an interview with one of the anchors about a topic I had told my producer I was going to discuss about dangerous new diet fads.
I sat in my usual spot at the news desk (with my belly button directly lined up with the black X on the side of the desk - little known tv secrets). After my sound check, I turned my attention to and chatted with the anchor about my topic for the day. As usual, we grabbed about a 60 second strategy for our conversation (live TV isn't scripted) and prepared for our countdown to air. Everything was as usual with ‘said’ NBC affiliate and I THOUGHT I was prepared - to do my thing on the air - just the same as I have been doing so for over ten years now.
Which station is that again? Nice try. Not today.
I don’t particularly like a sharp switch to the behind, so I’m not going there in this post AS I AM BACK ON THE AIR AGAIN THIS WEEKEND! If you’ve watched my TV Spots, YOU KNOW!
My objective was to bring to light, a new fad diet that had my antenna raised - and not in a good way. In fact, this one gave me a very uneasy feeling in my gut.
I have reason to feel this way. Most every health care/ fitness professional I know is having the same reaction. In short, it’s ANOTHER new crazy diet but more Radical than most and therefore, potentially more dangerous.
This diet.... this 'program' only allows you eat a total of 500 calories per day. Yep, 500…no matter what!
Without mincing words, why not just call it what it is - slow, tedious STARVATION!
I mean, this type of severe caloric restriction will most definitely create an overwhelming amount of weight loss - DANGEROUSLY RAPID weight loss.
Unfortunately, crash dieting isn't anything new.
People have been trying to lose weight by eating near to nothing for years in an attempt to get it off and get it off FAST. Of course, weight loss that comes off that fast is about 98% certain to come RIGHT BACK ON!
SO what's different about this new Fad Program?
Glad you asked.
Every heard of the hormone HCG ?
It's often referred to as the pregnancy hormone.
HGC or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (try saying that fast three times), is found in the urine of Pregnant Women.
HCG shots are also commonly given to stimulate ovulation in women who ovulate infrequently or not at all when trying to boost the opportunity for pregnancy.
Interestingly enough - in males, HCG shots can be used to stimulate or enhance the production of testosterone.
Well, with this latest, craziest, particular new diet disaster, not only is caloric intake kept to that dangerously low 500 mark, but shots of HCG are introduced in an attempt stimulate the pituitary gland.
British Dr. Simeon's uses this dubious combination trying to reproduce some studies where HCG shots given to India women and overweight boys appeared to create a reduction in body fat.
THE FDA doesn't agree with this madness either and has issued a definitive statement; "The use of the HCG hormone as a weight loss tool is both ineffective and dangerous".
Is that clear enough for ya?
SO then, what was my crime?
Well, I slipped up and divulged the source from which I gathered this disturbing information. I mentioned that I was a bit unsettled that Dr. OZ (that’s right...I can say it here), had put this on his show. He said he was going to follow this research with great interest. I find that extremely irresponsible.
Apparently, he's also on NBC. Something I did not realize at the time.
I usually do my homework better than that. It was an oops and a pretty big one at that.
What I did, you AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO!
You aren't supposed to throw into question the motives of a show on the same network as YOURS! Like I said, "OOPS"!
I quickly wrote a note to my producer and she responded in kind.
I have worked with this woman for a long time now and I trust and admire her and her work. Se sent me a response, short and to the point. It simply said "Don't Do That AGAIN… THANKS”! It's the first time I've slipped up in this manner, so I've been issued a pass. Wheeew!!!!
I vowed I wouldn't and I won't. But I also vow that I will keep shooting down myths, snake oil salesmen and dangerous diet and exercise fads.
I consider that a part of my job, and so do they - I just have to be careful how I present it. BUT THIS BLOG IS MINE!
SO I told you here.
While I am a fan of that brilliant man, I am VERY concerned and confused as to WHAT IN "THE SAM  #*/%#*  ", that was about. That's all I'm going to say about it. I'm done.
Always remember, anything that sounds too good to be true, scary or just a little off kilter ...ALMOST ALWAYS IS!
And if by chance you're not sure...check here, I'll tell you the truth.
Unfortunately, it's always about the same old thing - ridiculous attempts to avoid the obvious. The truth is with TIME and hard work your goals will be met. Safe, lasting, and effective weight loss will come with the true grit it takes to set your sites on moving more, eating less and the determination to accept a serious lifestyle change. Nothing less than a steadfast commitment to do so - will get the job done!
Anything else is SNAKE OIL, so don't drink it!

Until Next time...
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Candace Grasso
CEO and Founder
Fit Is It, Inc.

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