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Monday, June 11, 2012

"YOUR FIT TIP OF THE WEEK"...Part II - 'The Fit Flop Follow Up'

As I am writing to you now, I am home a measly 72 hours from London and preparing to leave for Hawaii in a slim 38 and counting. I know, "cry me a river... right Candace"? I hear you and I agree. I'll take it thank you very much. But be that as it may (and oh, it MAY - Yipeee), the reality is that as of right now, that I've still not completely unpacked from the UK. Therefore I've not yet re-packed for Hawaii. Climate wise, not to mention precipitation, the two locations could not be more than worlds apart. So basically, other than my throwing in a few pairs of freshly washed knickers, I'm completely starting over... UGH! I travel a decent amount and ya know, I've never learned to enjoy packing! Like everything else, it is what it is. SO tomorrow evening, back to the closet I return. So with limited time and soon again to be time away, you are aware that I am posting some of what either I consider to be, or what the 'pages - viewed stats' tell me you also consider to be at the top of your list of favorite articles as well.

Using  this criteria,  this past Saturday 6/9/12,  I posted one of 'both of our favorite offerings' from last summer . It was titled, "Can your Foot Gear Bring Up Your Rear" but I re-posted it with a shorter sub- title; "Fit Flops - FLOP" and combined it with an up to date recap of or travels thus far!

When I originally wrote the article, I was INSPIRED to address the topic- simply because I kept being approached about what my take was on these shoes claiming to Enhance one's back side just by wearing them around. I was facing down Reebok's 'EasyToners', The 'Fit-Flop' Craze and what seemed like a sea of  other companies with their version of the same - making similar ( if not identical ) outrageous, unfounded and out right IMPOSSIBLE,  FAULTY  CLAIMS: However, even though I'D ALREADY FORMED MY STRONG OPINIONS THE DAY THIS "SNAKE OIL" HIT THE MARKET...I still did my job and  researched every which way possible.

Then and ONLY always... I posted my 'Tuesday's Training Tips' with what I had to say. After my research, I was still using terms like Snake Oil and I believe I might have added a classy "CRAPOLA" to my repertoire of descriptive nouns as well as my final conclusion being that it was all nothing but a bunch of "HORSE FEATHERS"....(yeah, I just had to use that one - pulling once again for good old Dad's Oklahoma repertoire of down home slang ) and ...I called it a night.  Again that was late last summer - Tuesday Sept. 26th to be exact.
On Thursday, Sept. 28, 2011, (a little less than two days later) Sweet Validation had come...the story had broke and REBOOK was up against the wall. Everyone started calling, texting, e-mailing and bringing me newspaper clippings.

I hadn't heard. Here's what had happened and what one columnist had to say;

"Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with Reebok International Ltd. over a deceptive advertising lawsuit. As part of the suit's denouncement, Reebok agreed to pay a "$25 million fine and stop advertising unsubstantiated claims about its "EasyTone line of Leg-and-buttock-toning shoes".
The $25 million fine is a substantial one. According to Bloomberg News, it represents more than 4% of the $600 million in revenue the toning-shoe category, in total, is expected to bring in for ALL companies.


In case you are interested in reading my piece from back then and you missed it, I have posted the link here to make it easier for you to find.
I  hope over the years, you will begin to gain a trust in what I am trying to do here. Bring you the truth in a fun entertaining and informative way so that you can be protected from SNAKE OIL and learn what things we are working on that can really help!
No, I had No idea that a law suit was even pending and this felt like sweet, sweet ...immediate gratification that the TRUTH as it always will, was SETTING US FREE. It was also so good to finally see the government cracking down on this type of "In Your Face" False and Irresponsible Advertising and obviously sending a message to other companies to "watch their step" as well.

I've also printed a link to an entire piece from "News InFerno" that will give you the entire scoop.

So, as we're officially hitting our summer stride, (no pun intended, but it should have been) I implore you...don't go out and buy another pair of "Fit Flops", "Sketchers" or any other shoe company that claims it  has a magical pair of shoes that will shape a beautiful backside for you. As we have just seen...they just can't and WON'T. Folks...That's My job and it, like everything else worth having...won't magically happen by simply wearing a pretty pair of shoes.

As I leave for Paradise for a few weeks once again this year, please remember... I'm still here and you'll see a few postings now that my time of hard earned  R&R is here. Just promise not to make any purchases that will have you wishing for wellness and a fabulous fit physique... upon a magical, mythical star.
"Just telling the truth"... 

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