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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE: "Motivatoin, It's an Inside Job- So No More Excuses Please"

                   Gotta be honest, my clients are making me a little tired of excuses....SO,.
-  put down the weights today. It's time to train your brain and flex your mental muscle-

You know for 20 years now I have listened to story after story as to why people aren’t achieving their goals. It’s been interesting. I’ve often felt as though I should trade in my Nikes for a “Priest’s Collar”, as I’ve heard an awful lot of confessions. Many of which I could have lived my ENTIRE life without ever hearing and been just FINE! It’s a, “You can’t poke out your mind’s eye”, kind of thing if you follow me. Some things are best left unsaid. All joking aside, I’m honestly humbled and quite honored that folks feel comfortable enough with me to share their deeper issues, but I mean, while we’re discussing them, we could have walked 4 miles…feel me?

Moving on;
We should think long and hard before setting goals for ourselves. It’s time we do away with saying we “want to do this or that”, and never end up bringing the matter to fruition. Especially those things which we’ve started to tackle and stopped and started and stopped and started and ..AHHHH ENOUGH! START and FINISH or STOP and END THE MADNESS! WHY? Because each time we begin a project and then allow ourselves to BAIL, we are programming our minds to become more comfortable accepting this behavior.

When we want something badly enough, we’re willing to become uncomfortable in our own skin and we’re willing to face our fear of failure. We must be willing to put ourselves out there and speak as though we mean what we say.

SO...want to change your behavior? From now on, start watching your words and begin paying attention to your speech because “As a man thinks…so IT IS!

IF you’re not ready…you’re not ready. I’d rather you wait to announce your ‘wants’, until the day you are ready to proclaim your intentions with words that show you’re more interested in getting there, than how it might look if you give it a shot and come up short.

When you are ready, truly ready, you will feed your brain with healthy talk and you will know it’s time to GO FOR IT when you can speak like you MEAN BUSINESS. IT sounds like this, “I Have Set a GOAL that I WILL achieve and here is how I’ve planned to make it happen”. As opposed to “I want to lose some wait and I am going to 'try'(which literally means I might and I might not. You can't get any more non committal than that word) and hope that this time I’ll make it”! NOPE. NOT READY and NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Do you hear the difference? SO there it is in a nutshell. We train our brains to behave according to what we BELIEVE is true about us. SO, the first step is to begin speaking differently. REMEMBER, “Your Attitude follows your actions and never the other way around”. SO train yourself that you are capable by using ‘convincing speech’. Speak and act, not as if you CAN achieve, but that you WILL achieve what you have been waiting for. There’s a big difference between the two.

And before you know it, over time - you will begin to FEEL the difference as well.

So, begin to train not only your body but also your brain. It's time to flex your MENTAL MUSCLE.
Make it a daily practice and if you find yourself feeling down or tired of the process, Pick yourself up and remember the words of YODA ,(I will continue to repeat them as long as I live...they are SPOT  ON)...


Anything is possible - unless you believe differently!

Until Next Time,




  1. I love this post. I lived it in 2011 and continue to do so. In 2010 and years before that I heard diet and exercise will improve your health if you do the right things in 2010 I hit my bottom, getting older, fatter, and my health was going down. I took action and started to LISTEN diet and exercise and slowly built a good foundation to build off of. Now I'm 70 pounds lighter, heathier, and an athelete again. I just became a group fitness trainer ready to help those who are just starting the same path I am on. I'm not done! You post is SO TRUE!

    1. SO glad you are enjoying my blog.
      IF you would take a moment and subscribe and become a follower, that helps MUCH! Either way, keep reading and congrats on your new found Lease on LIFE! ...
      "Life, It is What You Make IT"!
      Power On .....

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