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Monday, March 12, 2012

MONDAY’S MOTIVATIONAL MINUTE: “STOP - Are You Just Spinning Your Wheels”?

STOP! Please - Just STOP for a few short minutes. If you're interested in moving forward with your life, you have no choice but to do so by achieving NEW goals! Want to add a new dimension to your life, change your trajectory or just maybe, you're actually considering going after some of those left over, (though quickly fading) New Year's Resolutions??? If you resemble any of these remarks, then accomplishing new goals is a MUST. So, Stop (ever so briefly) whatever you're doing and read this article. Take a few moments in order to do a quick assessment and take your own inventory.

How are you actually, really spending your time? Take this moment and look closely at where you're heading. If you want to move forward, achieve your goals and step up to where you 'say' you want to be, then this short TIME OUT may well prove to be priceless.

 OK, set your timers. I'm putting myself on the clock and promising to make it quick.

First, if you're driven to succeed, then it goes without saying that you are busy - VERY BUSY... right? However, being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you’re heading in the direction you intended to go now does it?

 So, humor me: Sit back, put your hands down and take a couple of deep breaths. Take a step back and clear your head. Now that we've momentarily interrupted the constant buzzing in your brain, let’s stay here just long enough for you to examine the FOCUS of your activity. Ask yourself this one often polarizing question; "ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD OR JUST SPINNING YOUR WHEELS"? It's a GREAT QUESTION. Just because we’re constantly moving, doesn't necessarily mean we’re ’MOVING FORWARD' now does it? We've all watched a dog chasing its tail. Those feisty, energetic canines really think they're getting somewhere and for a few moments, it actually looks as though they're making progress. They're a virtual whirlwind of activity. Of course in the end, even though they may have made a "Big Show of it" - they’ve gone ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE!

 In order to achieve your goals, Specifically NEW ONES, it’s important to access your activity from time to time. Take a cold, hard, honest look. Is it possible that BECAUSE you're so "busy", all of your constant running around might just have you going in circles?

 Well, if you're serious about making a change and achieving new goals, take heed…this sad situation recently HAPPENED TO ME! I've been at this work of mine (my passion), for 21 years now. Just two weeks ago,  I was brought face to face with the uncomfortable realization that my whirlwind of activity was ACTUALLY KEEPING ME FROM moving forward and ACHIEVING the goals which I'd set for myself  NEARLY FIVE YEARS AGO! How I came to this conclusion was painful and much too long to get into while on your watch. Perhaps another time - Ok, I promise! But for now, it's a lesson from which we all can learn.

SO, take a look in the mirror. Is it possible that you're SUCCESSFULLY doing the same old thing - yet because of your SUCCESS and constant buzzing about, you're being duped into believing that you're Moving Forward? Look closely. Are you heading toward your target? Or in reality, are you (very successfully), spinning your wheels?

IT’S A DARN GOOD QUESTION NOW ISN'T IT? Be brave and be honest with yourself. WE can only change what we're able to acknowledge. SO, want to make a change? Take a close look at how you're spending your time. IF you're chasing your tail...cut it off! It’d be much better to live out your dreams without a tail, then to miss out completely because you’re stuck chasing it.

Now, after a cold hard look…. I know I am! Why wouldn’t you?

 Until next time, remember this:
 "The difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is this: Extraordinary people are the people who are willing to do what others will not”!

The choice is yours -
Nothing is more worthy of your time than that.

Power On,

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