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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TRAINING TIPS: The March"Ripped Arms" Challenge is almost here

As spring approaches and we start shedding our outer ‘winter wear’, a pervasive “BODY IMAGE ANXIETY” begins attacking from every mirrored image we are ‘oh - so sorry’ to have been made visually aware. For those individuals who’ve let it - ALL HANG LOOSE - during the many frozen winter months, this can become a time of downright despair.
The mere thought of removing what had been last season’s most “fashion forward” long and multi layered look, has you realizing it’s now nothing more than necessary camouflage with which YOU DON’T WANT TO PART! SO what’s a member of the Winter Weather “Pounds Gone Wild” club to do? Especially considering the fact that your last workout was in 2011, before the pumpkins were carved through…
Have no fear, it’s time to get moving, kick that winter body to the curb and start shaping up for the fast approaching ‘FUN IN THE SUN’ warmer weather to come. By joining our “Ripped body” challenge groups, you can get started now! Our “Ripped Arms” Challenge, coming March first (that’s next week), will absolutely get you moving in the right direction! IN addition, you still have time to join those finishing up our February “Ripped Abs” Challenge. You can start now and carry those ab sessions right into March, (as most of those who have participated since Feb. 1st intend to do). Buffing up those arms for sleek, sleeveless, summer wear, while flattening your abs is a great start.
 IN addition to joining our challenge groups (which are done in the privacy of your own home …unless you want it otherwise), you can quickly and easily become a follower of this informative, motivational blog. Here you will find dozens of  ‘quick tips’, as well as all the Fitness and Nutrition information you’ll need to help you diet down those extra pounds, raise your fitness level, lower your body fat and ‘get cooking healthy’ with lots of great tasting low calorie recipes; all while being motivated to stay the course and get the job done!
All you Need to do is hit this link :(FYI)
All the details on how to get started are waiting for you there! SO, what do you have to lose? Trust me, in this case…’s nothing you want to keep. Best part, all of this is free and on me. SO - what are you waiting for? Hit the link, follow the directions and join us. WE had/have 500 people participating right now, so you’ll never be alone and in addition….I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I look forward to seeing you in the challenge…
 Until next time,

Coach Candace  

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