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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today, I'm introducing a new addition to our blog posts - 'Quick Tips'- and this one has quite an interesting title wouldn't you say? What are Quick Tips you ask? Briefly, if you have read even a few of my articles or blog posts you're most likely, acutely aware that I'm more often than not, quite VERBOSE! Hey, there's a lot to say on the topics concerning your Health and Wellness. However; there’s a much needed place for a Quick Tip here and there! These additional 'Quick Tips' are by no means a subtraction to the quality of my posts; to the contrary, they're going to be a much needed and super helpful ADDITION to the content I now produce.  "Quick Tips" will be my way of dispensing Pertinent, Informative "Super Useful" offerings that will render you  (the reader) with what we as Americans Dream of...INSTANT GRATIFICATION with very little" lead time" investment.
Have no fear; many of my posts will reflect my usual wordy self, in order to impart topics requiring more words to express important information pertaining to your Health and Overall Wellness.

So, if you're's your 'TRAINING' - QUICK TIP OF THE WEEK ; "Lay it out to Turn it Out"; IF you are having trouble implementing early morning fitness plans, here's a tip that will surely get you out the door - in the gym - or wherever you need to be to 'TURN IT OUT'!
On your way to your bedroom as you prepare to call it a day, strategically place your gym bag by the front door. That's simple right? Next - simply lay out your workout clothes on the floor by your bed before hitting the sack. Now bear with me. This is a distance runner’s trick from way back and something I personally participated in on a regular basis.

The night before my long runs (planned for 5 am the next morning), I and many runners I know (definitely all that I coach), will lay out our Shorts, Singlet (shirts), Jog bras if female (and if you need one and you're not one, I'm NOT going there...), Socks and Running shoes, hat and anything else we know we're going to wear for our workout. In addition, when you lay out your workout gear this way, also lay it out as if a person were in them...don't laugh, I've been consistent for 21 years now, if it works, IT WORKS! Next morning, when the alarm clock goes off , before you even have a chance to consider blowing off another well intended early morning workout – You’ll  find yourself facing down an entire set of your workout gear just screaming at you "Don't even thing about it ya loser"! In fact, if you've REALLY been having trouble getting out the door - Place a note on top of your sneakers as a back up insurance plan. In Big Black Marker INK write yourself a note;  "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BLOWING THIS OFF"!!

Trust me, there's something about waking up, looking down and finding yourself face to face with a set of your own, carefully laid out workout gear from the night before that'll get you out the door and Turning it OUT! 

Give it a go and let me know how you make out.  As a Professionally Sponsored,   “PowerBar Team Elite” Athlete - I CAN PROMISE YOU THIS; if I suggest something, it’s tried and true! Remember, I’m on your side.

Until next time,
Power On…

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