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Saturday, January 28, 2012


AS SEEN ON WBAL TV. THIS MORNING: Help has arrived to get your abs in shape - just in time for spring break!
So if you watched me on the air this morning ...or even if not, (and you're hearing about this for the first time), here again, are the details  you need to know, to participate in the upcoming Feb. Abs Challenge. Check it out!
Below, I am including the link to the Youtube videos I mentioned on the air, these two Workouts will get the job done.
Yes, we have our own channel.
In ddition, follow my blog it will help you through the challenge with fitness and nutrition tips to insure your overall AB SUCCESS!
On the videos, you can follow right along with me as I will coach you through two different
level Workouts. Both are tough, they have to be, but they both consist of
only 5 exercises that will get the job done. SO give 'em a whirl and do wha you can.
Be consistent, watch what you eat and keep your cardio moving.

Do this and before you can say Spring Break, a bathing suit set of abs will
be yours for the taking. Starting February 1st - the 29th, just like last year's April Abs Challenge. ... we will use  these two TOTALLY NEW videos to create the perfect set of abs and to create a little fun, friendly
competition .- which can be a very good thing. Friend me on Facebook as well, so you can tell me...
"I'm In Candace". Then come Feb. 1st, Your on the honor system. But you have me online right by your side here on my blog ( where you can also leave lots of comments as well), on my youtube channel and on facebook for posting your questions etc.

No time like the present to jump in!

Ps. Subscribe to my channel (for free of course) while you’re there and
You will receive a notification each time a new video is added! That way
You’ll never miss a workout, fitness tip, recipe done in my kitchen etc.

Below, you will find all the links to my info that you'll need including the live link right to my youtube channel. Once there look up these two workouts to use for the challenge!

Ripped Abs – The workout I, with Candace

Ripped Abs - The workout II, with Candace

Until Next time,
the Health and Fitness Diva....Candace Grasso Signing out! (my blog) (my Youtube channel) (My Website)

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