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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Have you ever considered Juicing? Have you ever given it much thought? I realize that when discussing nutrition, all I need to do is just open a dialogue about foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots, parsley, chard, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, etc. and yea, I’m gonna lose a lot of you, no matter what. But when I start talking about drinking those things? HA! All I can hear are the folks shouting” AH, BACK UP THE TRUCK TRIGGER! Well, what would you say if I brought up the name Dr. Oz, Hum? Would I need his clout to get your attention for just a little longer? Hey…I never said that I was above bribing people into great health. Of course, I’ve never really considered it either. But now that I think about it, taking into account the physical condition our country is in at the moment …nah, I’m not above that at all. Sometimes one has to think of the greater good and if throwing Dr. Oz out there makes you look up,yea... I'm going for it!  Unless you have been under a rock for the past three years or so, the name more than rings a bell. If not, since I’m already guilty, let’s try more name dropping to get you to consider what I’m about to suggest. How about Oprah, ah…..I think it’s Winfrey? Yeah, now I have your attention.


Well, in case you had missed the time the two of them were drinking his 'GREEN DRINK together 

on the air,  Let me break it down for ya and then, it’s right there for you to Google yourself, if you so choose. HE came on the show and had her drink his favorite breakfast. Ready? It contained celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, parsley, lime, ginger and green apple, YUM! Sounds gross maybe to some of you, but to many, if Dr. Oz said to, they’d cut their own lawn and drink it! Don’t laugh but years ago, I

was drinking grass! Yes...GRASS and it was disgusting. But I have always been my own experiment first before throwing you all under the bus and when I heard the health benefits, I thought I’d give it a try. No, I didn’t drink my lawn. This came in the form of a powdered supplement from a reputable company, but to be honest, I might as well have. It tasted about as good as what I’d imagine my front yard’s clippings would. But that is just how I’m bent. Heck, if it’s good for you AND low in calories, I’m in! At least to give it a whirl. But the grass? It had to go. However, when I saw this show, it really grabbed my attention as you can now only imagine. But I had known the benefits of juicing for quite some time, and honestly, I’d just been too hurried to go out and buy a juicer. Then, the idea of adding that to my list of things to make and then clean up; the thought was just a little annoying at the time. Alas, I was younger then and now, well …not only am I willing, I do. We tend to focus more on our health as we get older, even if when younger, we were willing to mix
up a glass of grass. Dr. Oz. While he may have said do it…it’s good for you and after taking a sip, Oprah said it tasted like a “glass of fresh!”, you're probably thinking "Ok, I get it, veggies are good for you, so why not just cook some up tonight and just eat the stuff'"?  While not everyone is into spinach, kale and broccoli, many of you out there are willing to cook it and eat it if your  motivated enough. But drinking it is another matter. OK, so convince us! Ok, I will!

Well that's part I for tonight! Still In the Mountains and thought I'd post one of the archived articles on Juicing again. Another possible way to help ward off the Upcoming possible ( but in NO WAY Inevitable ),
"FESTIVE FIFTEEN". Those pounds we tend to gain beginning right now! It usually starts to call our names and tempt us with the bags of CANDY brought in from our cute little costumed sugar pushers and continues until New Years day. Too often Americans tend to ring in the New Year as if waking from some kind of bizarre "festive, feeding frenzied blackout"! It all begins seemingly innocent enough. A dip of the hand in the Halloween bag for a Mini Tootsie Roll or two and before we can say "Happy Holidays", it's Jan. 1st and we find ourselves standing and staring in shock and disbelief at the 'muffin top', draping over the sides of this past summer's BAGGIE jeans! SO, let's make a game plan now to avoid this tragic scenario. Trust me, it never works when we decide to just wing it and hope for the Best.
Until Tomorrow...
Never Acquiesce...
YEARS DAY! Again make a Plan of Action now and be ready when it all begins...

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