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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TUESDAY'S TRAINING TIPS...(last weeks) PART I "Can Your Foot Gear, Bring up Your Rear"?, PART II- "THE VERDICT IS REALLY IN"!

WOW. I did a quick post last Friday when the news broke about the lawsuit and Reebok, but I just threw it up there so you could go to the news link and see for yourselves what had happened. I felt the need to fill you in just a tad more today. I must admit, for the first time in a very long time ...I got FULL VINDICATION for my opinions..Immediately! Cool huh? Well, as much fun as this is....I'm not so sure, well actually- I'm quite sure, that if life ALWAYS worked that way, that it wouldn't be a good thing at all!  Personally speaking, I'm sure I'd eventually become nothing but a big wad of egotistical  toxic waste with my nose up in the air - walking around spewing my own POWER HUNGRY opinions to a bunch of folks who could care less. The system of checks and balances that God has put in place are there for a reason. IF this always happened to us, believe me, we'd be too cocky to be any earthly good! However, since this really is the first time I've EVER had something like this happen , ah ....a little bit can't be bad right?
SO Briefly.... Last Tuesday, Sept. 27th ....I was INSPIRED to address this topic- simply because of a question that had been asked of me not more than a week before. So, I had felt moved to address it here. Then as usual, even though I ALREADY HAD FORMED MY STRONG OPINIONS THE DAY THIS "SNAKE OIL" HIT THE MARKET...I still did my job and  researched every which way possible. Then and ONLY always... I posted my 'Tuesday's Training Tips' with what I had to say. After my research, I was still using terms like Snake Oil and I believe I might have added a classy "CRAPOLA" to my repertoire of descriptive nouns as well as my final conclusion being that it was all nothing but a bunch of "HORSE FEATHERS"....(yeah, I had to say that one again for good old DAD) and ...I called it a night.  Again, that was last Tuesday, Sept.  26th.
On Thursday, Sept. 28th, (a little less than two days later) the story broke, and everyone started calling, texting, e-mailing and bringing me newspaper clippings.
I hadn't heard. Here's what one columnist said;

"Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with Reebok International Ltd. over a deceptive advertising lawsuit. As part of the suit's denouncement, Reebok agreed to pay a "$25 million fine and stop advertising unsubstantiated claims about its "EasyTone line of Leg-and-buttock-toning shoes".
The $25 million fine is a substantial one. According to Bloomberg News, it represents more than 4% of the $600 million in revenue the toning-shoe category, in total, is expected to bring in for ALL companies.

In case you are interested in reading my piece and you missed it, I have posted the link here to make it easier for you to find.
I  hope over the years, you will begin to gain a trust in what I am trying to do here. Bring you the truth in a fun entertaining and informative way so that you can be protected from SNAKE OIL and learn what things we are working on that can really help!

I've also printed a link to an entire piece from "News InFerno" that will give you the entire scoop.

Until tomorrow, remember,
"Just telling the truth"... 

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