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Thursday, September 22, 2011

THURSDAY'S DISH'IN NUTRITION..."Guilt Free Chocolate has arrived at Fit Is It"!

Have I got a treat for you! Remember I've always said that if I found something good and yummy to eat, that we could all partake of, not pack on the pounds or feel guilty, that I'd share it with you? it is, TADA!

Finally, after YEARS of searching high and low for a Great Tasting, "Calorically responsible", Chocolaty Treat from Sweetriot®; it's with Great Enthusiasm that I can honestly say that my Search has come to an END. As CEO and Founder of Fit Is It, I am extremely particular about what products I choose to endorse; As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Private Coach, Trainer and Professional Athlete, I of course choose products with only the highest quality ingredients available. I would never choose a product for a client that I either don’t already use, or that I wouldn’t also use myself and NOW, we all get a treat…and it’s called "Sweeriot"!!!

Made from the finest 100% Dark coca from Latin America, these little crunchy Nibs are more than just super rich in flavor, but ultra rich in antioxidants as well. Their flavor is rivaled only their by their commitment to make the finest nutritionally sound sweet treat ever! Sweetriot’s producs are gluten free and dairy free and FYI... Kosher as well!

At Fit Is It, we're always thinking 'healthful first' and flavor a close second but in this case, neither nutrition nor flavor are compromised. Sweetriot is a Nutritionist's dream and a sweet tooth's 'kiss from above' all rolled together in this little tin (or bars can be purchased as well).

Per artistically adorned little tin, each crunchy nugget packs a great big textured crunch that's followed by a full taste of the smoothest flavorful DARK CHOCOLATE! For your punishment, each piece is a full 1-2 calories per little nib. Put a quartered size serving in the palm of your hand and you are done, with no more than 20 calories to remove from your intake for the day…Yeah, I’ll take it. Also great for sprinkling on top of fresh berries or no fat puddings, be creative and have a ball. Sweetriot has ended my life long search with an answer I’ve been looking for since I was a kid, but never really thought I’d find to my satisfaction. Just one little bite of these jewels and you’ll be a believer too! So many folks just assume I completely shun the stuff. Well, why would I do that, now that I've found a way to enjoy it, reap the natural HEALTHY BENEFITS of Dark Chocolate.
My motto; if you're going to have a treat, baby... make it count by choosing the best. Sweet riot is my no guilt, quick fix, go to... for a super amazing chocolate experience that won’t break the calorie bank or damage your weight loss goals. In fact, for my clients who are chocolate lovers, I often give them a canister when they leave their consultation. It’s a sure fire way to KEEP you on track. White knuckle denial of everything you enjoy will never win the war against over eating. Instead, enjoy an appropriate amount of a good things and you’ll win. With Sweetriot, the taste is so intense and the flavor so sublime, that truly, a little dab will do ya! My prescription; take up to two quarter sized doses per day and enjoy your way to a sweet indulgence, that will work with a balanced diet to actually keep you on track! If you would actually like to order this chocolatly treat, you can go to my website; Hit the link at the top of my home page
that says "SHOP CANDACE'S FAVORITE THINGS" and there you go! Here's my link.
(Ps. and if you've never visited my site...well, get prepared to kick your feet up and stay a is fun- fun- fun and informative too. So,  if I do say so myself..LOL) HAVE FUN!

Oh yeah, and how cool...check this out;

Sarah Jessica Parker has a great body, so does Eva Longoria, but we've figured out how they satisfy their chocolate cravings and still keep their amazing figures. Turns out these beauties are avid snackers of Sweetriot chocolate covered cacao nibs.

... People Magazine


Here's the Nutrition Break down of this ALL natural, anti-oxidant-rich, dairy-free, kosher, gluten-free cacao with a mission:

140 calories(but that's for the ENTIRE TIN)...WOW HUH?

12 - 14 carbs

11 - 12g fat

6 - 10g sugar

3 - 4g fiber

2g protein

0mg sodium


0mg sodium

A Caffeine Note: 1.4 oz of chocolate is equivalent to 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee, so 1 unBar contains less than a cup of decaf.
So, Chocolate advice from your"Favorite" (ha) Nutrition Specialist...who'd of thunk it!!!!!!!
But boy is it good!
Until tomorrow....
Power On,
Candace (of course my nickname is Candy...fitting here isn't it)!

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