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Saturday, September 3, 2011


SO, it's  Saturday and as I had expressed when I introduced the new "Soap Box" posts ~ I get to pick any topic and run wild with it as I mount my Soap Box and have a ball. Well this is an easy one. Tuesday's Training tips article was about an event Called Salutation Nation. A world wide Yoga 'wave' of breath and movement... bringing folks together in the hopes that many will be try something new. In this case, Yoga, or enjoy an all time favorite past time, and again in this case we all come together to Breath and Move and Let our bodies do what they were meant to do, be STRONG AND ACTIVE. Well as I head off to the studio of WBAL TV to cover this story, I wanted to post the details here one more time. I think that bringing people together with a common goal , 'to be active and healthy and joyful' worth a second mention here don't you. SO, read the details below, hit the links that will give you more information and to check out  their incredible clothing line AND watch this morning's 11 Fitness;THEN, bring a friend or ten, even better and attend a fun day together next Sat. Sept. 10th at 9 am and get your DOWNDOG ON! Details are below..until Monday, enjoy this holiday weekend and POWER ON YA'll!
 Salutation Nation is an annual, international day of yoga hosted by lululemon athletica.

This year, Salutation Nation is on Saturday, September 10 at 9 a.m. (local


 Every lululemon athletica store across North America, along with our Hong Kong

showroom and London, UK community, will be hosting a one hour complimentary

outdoor yoga class.

 For a full list of participating stores and locations, please visit

 Classes are complimentary, suitable for all levels and led by local yoga ambassadors

 Our goal is to share Salutation Nation with 100,000 people; upwards of 3,000 people are

expected to practice together in some larger communities

 No equipment is needed to practice. Participants can bring a mat or practice directly on

the grass or sand, depending on where the class is being held.

 lululemon athletica created Salutation Nation to share the gift of yoga and provide a

unique outdoor space for community members to connect. If one person tries yoga for the

first time; if two people connect during a sun salutation; if a group of friends move their weekly

Saturday morning yoga practice outdoors, Salutation Nation will be a success.

 Salutation Nation is a decentralized event. Every Salutation Nation class will be distinct

as it will reflect what is most appropriate and meaningful for the community in which it

is taking place. While lululemon initiated the concept by enlisting yoga instructors and

fitness leaders from their local communities, the event has grown simply through word

of mouth.

 For more information, please contact  and

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