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Thursday, August 4, 2011

THURSDAY'S DISH’IN NUTRITION….” What’s on your menu for today”?

I’m asking because if you are on a weight loss plan, a huge part of your success will depend upon your diligence IN PLANNING! Kind of why we call it a weight loss PLAN! Being prepared is crucial. There’s a lot of noshing that goes on between 4 and 11 pm. SO, put your brain to the task of coming up with creative ways to police your pantry BEFORE your old habits try to attack. Knowing what you’ll eat and when you’ll eat it, is a sure fire way to stay on track. I like to have my clients plan things out way in advance. Try the following idea as just one of the many ways you can PLAN YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS. Measure out your snacks and HAVE THEM READY when you are! So, let’s say you like almonds. Good for you cause your body will love you for eating them. However, almonds like most all nuts are very high in calories per serving size. Raw Almonds are approximately 180 calories per serving, which comes out to approximately 18 almonds ( not a huge handful…18 thank you), which is about 9.5 calories per almond. TMI? I’m making my point. You should know your favorite foods inside and out so that you can take this next step with confidence. Take 7 baggies and measure out 18 almonds per bag. Seal them tight and with an indelible ink marker, write 180 CALORIES on each one. When you hit the door after work, or around the first bewitching hour, you can go right to your pantry and pull out a personalized, carefully measured baggie of one of your favorite snacks and enjoy. WHEN THE BAG IS DONE…..SO ARE YOU! Planning is the only way you will succeed in the battle of the budge. IF you have read any of my other posts, you would know my definition of a GOAL and the difference between a GOAL and a DESIRE or DREAM. The difference between a goal and a dream is a plan, with a clear cut time line in which to achieve it. Most people go about the project of weight loss making the same mistakes they do with any other project they begin. They usually have nothing more than a desire that; “they hope it’ll come true”. They treat it more like a dream then a solid set GOAL! SO, you have a GOAL. Now PLAN your way to success!

Until Tomorrow,
Eat well.... live well,


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