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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TUESDAY'S TRAINING TIPS...."Does your Trainer Need One"?

The trend is frightening; Trainers who appear to need one!

This matter has been continually brought to my attention as though I can somehow fix this!! While I appreciate the vote of confidence folks, this one goes way beyond my individual professional reach. In other words..."help"!!

While it is true that I'm a Professional Continuing Education provider, one must tread ever so gingerly here. There are others in the industry that can run certain specialized circles around me, and I KNOW IT. The moment we begin to think we have nothing more to learn is the day we should trade in our Professional license for a ticket on the "ARROGANCE is for IDIOTS” Train. (I wish we were all of the same understanding here, but alas ...NOT SO MUCH. Again, that's for another day).

SO, you can only imagine that many Professional Workshop instructors often skirt the issue. However, among those who are members of the “don’t go there camp”, I respectfully am NOT! As often as I have the opportunity ...YOU BET I DO. I boldly approach the topic in sweeping general terms, but I go there in THAT arena and that arena ONLY. In those situations I consider it not only appropriate but a 'WEIGHTY' responsibility to do so.

Considering the percentage of the general population who are overweight and out of shape, Fitness Professionals are certainly not immune, right? Absolutely, but we MUST master the skills that we preach and teach if we want to be considered one! (a fitness pro that is).It's not a matter of a certain size, or number on a scale…may it never be! This is a matter of a fitness level that PROCLAIMS an apparent answer to the question, “Are you a Fitness Professional”, without uttering a single word.

So, what to do? Well dear readers, in a searching for an answer to this matter...YOU HOLD THE KEY. You hire us. You can certainly demand that we respect the profession instead of making a mockery of it.

Next time you’re introduced to the Trainer who will be working with you as a part of the free “two weeks worth of training sessions” that come with your new gym membership…ask yourself this…..

“Does this person appear to have conquered the disciplines that one would expect of a qualified Fitness Professional’? Remember to ask these three things.

1) What are their credentials?

2) What is their experience?

3) Ask the trainer specifically about their training regime. How many days per week do they do cardio? How long are those cardio sessions? How many days per week do they incorporate weight training and what kind of nutrition plan do they follow?

If you are suspect that you’ll be working with someone who may be lacking the discipline to BRING IT when it comes to their own fitness training….what makes you think you’ll respect them when they’re telling you to SUCK IT UP AND PUSH THROUGH?

You control this issue folks….SAVE US…PLEASE!

I’ve already hit my hour of power cardio, Trained several clients, done my writing and office work and now it’s time for weights…

Until tomorrow,

Power On,

Coach Candace

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