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Monday, September 27, 2010

Moving Forward or Standing Still?

STOP! Please, Just STOP for a nano second of self reflection. I know, I know.... but it's not what you might be thinking, or maybe it is, heck I don't know if it is or it isn't what you might be thinking and honestly, may I say, "LOVINGLY", i don't really care. Well I care of course, but what I would really just would like you to do is humor me( if you dare), with a deep breath or two in order to... ever so briefly, interrupt scurrying around long enough to examine that restless activity by asking yourself this one question... ARE YOU MOVING FORWARD OR JUST STANDIING STILL? It's a GREAT QUESTION. Just becuase we are constantly moving doesn't mean we are MOVING FORWARD now does it? I often Ask this question at the beginning of my motivational Corporate Workshops. First time I did, I was shocked at the number of people who were actually quite confused by the question ! that in and of itself provides the answer. when we are moving forward, we know it, because we are walking, dare I say often RUNNING down the rugged road cluttered with circumstantial debris ...but with our eyes on the prize we swiftly maneuver our way over, around or even tunnel under the obstacles that could hold us back and we keep moving forward and really LIVE ! When the question is confusing or perplexing it's most likely due to a hurtful fall we've taken landing hard on the sharp edges the we inevitably find along the way. We can Sprain and even Break our will and we lose our courage to consider another attempt. So what's the difference between those who get back up and those who sit it out? it all boils down to living large in the face of challenging circumstances..! So, dear friends if you have allowed your circumstances to dictate your station in life, may i encourage you. often we try and miss, we often suffer minor sprains and even emotional breaks in the process, but these things heal, offering still Another chance to experience a LARGER, PASSIONATE LIFE . Isn't it time to get back up and join the PARTY AGAIN? AFTER ALL, in the end, what do you have to lose?
After my last sugery, about 7 days out.....I realized that once again, I too was faced with a decision to make...sit STILL and lick my wounds or well..... you know.
I decided ONCE AGAIN TO MOVE FORWARD WITH PASSION and LIVE JOYFULLY no matter what i may have felt like....and I did, thank God. I know you have been waiting for the "plan " I told you I implimented to keep moving and stay motiviated and in shape and I've been trying once again to write to you about it. But I've experienced some complications and my blood work that's just returned may hold the answers. It reflects a problem, but NO worries Ya'll. I don't think it's anything devistating at all, but that's my guess..... I'm seeing my doctor this Thursday and I'll be back right after that to tell you how and why after the surgery, I got up on my feet as soon as I could and began to MOVE FORWARD(and I'll share what my doctor tells me about what's going on with me too)....but Literally, I've been kept from writing to you because of a physical complication that just about made reading and writing impossible .
But I'm here...and I'm POWERING ON....
Coming soon,

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