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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A pause, over the pond

Been way too long since I've posted ....AGAIN! A bit frustrating for me and for those of you who follow my Blog as well i'm sure. Ya know,  I started this blog and yet again, bang, bam...BOOM, I'm Hit with  a few  
of life's little challenges. Of course there are varying degrees. After my experiences over the past few days, (which I'll clue you in on shortly)
 I'm thinking in terms of windy road biking analogies.  Some trials can be likened to        A light breeze...the kind you Don't even recognize exists-until you realize your heart rate is elevated and your perspiration has increased but you aren't really sure why. So, you just raise your brow in cautious curiosity and push a bit harder to keep your momentum.   Some cause you to pull a couple of quick unexpected maneuvers to keep you on track. these shake you up a bit with a quick burst of adrenalin that washes over you when you've caught yourself from falling. Once the necessary adjustments have been made, This type of little "thrill" usually leaves me with a knee jerk reaction to ask out loud, to no one there, "What was that"? And then there's the kind that literally pick you up, like a stiff cross wind and it actually SHOVES YOU OFF COURSE! These get your full attention as all of your energy is spent working to just keep you on the road.   What i  know for sure is that I'm not alone on this windy highway. Not that i wish anyone to hurt or suffer, but some how there's 
Much comfort in knowing that there's absolutely nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, that i've gone through  , am currently going through, or that i am GOING TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH IN THE FUTURE that somebody else hasn't also wrestled with and THEN SOME! We are truly all in this together. SO i post this first before i explain what i did to overcome my last SHOVE OVER THE CURB, not as an excuse but as a firm explanation of where i've been theses pasts few weeks. My recovery has put me in a new "happy" sleep pattern of waking at 3:00 in the morning. I'm not sure that 3:00 is actually morning yet, but that's what I'm calling it. thus i found that after my last post, I'd attempt to write and honestly, I'd just fall dead asleep. In fact, ironically, it was the ONLY THING that would do so, until .....well...apparently, NOW!
 As I've attempted to catch you up on writing to you about my signature, action "Plan of attack to get back In the saddle", which i pray will help some one else,  I write to you from my home away from home, ocean side, Kona Hawaii ! Hey, easy...I can hear you! Was that "bite me Candace"? Remember, we're all in this together right? After all the "windy rides I've taken lately" , gotta give me this one no? So, having had this trip planned for months now,but NOT THE SURGERY,besides not sleeping (unless i attempted to write), I was hustling as best I
to  get back to work,,,play catch up from the 6 weeks I took off ( a personal adjustment from the suggested  8-10 that my doctor and my
 hoped for).
 before trying to get a head of my self so i could leave for this two week trip! Hard considering I wasn't working off of all my cylinders so to speak. but i pulled it together and got out of Dodge...thus, you haven't heard from me till now! So my caring, forgiving friends....I'm back. Now i am on vacation so this is my post for now, but I am back. Missed you and can't wait to tell you how I've been strengthened yet again by keeping the bike on the road. A side note...thanks so very very much, I am humbled by all of the e mails and comments for wishing me well and for all of your prayers. They have been felt and i thank you from the bottom of my heart...
Back soon as i balance vacation and getting back to you.

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