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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Present days and Flash backs!

Well, here I am. Committed to writing this book on a regular basis and having enough content available for ya'll to read on a rapid enough schedule to keep it interesting. Here in lies the RUB.... Chapters that now "need to be written" and added to my memoires are happening to me as we speak, delaying the process. Ironic, huh? One week after my last post, I found out that I needed a serious enough neck surgery to take me out of the RUNNING ( a play on words that will make sense in time)as far as writing more content is concerned AND LIFE ITSELF. Instead of writing, I had to go to more doctors, tests, MRIs and at the end of it all, I found myself having to tie up last minute details as I'm driving to the hospital for a surgery that will change my way of doing things for the REST of my life, RIGHT NOW!
HUMMM!!! Quandry! IF I tell you WHAT it's for, that will wreck about two chapters. SO, the question remains. Spill the beans? or sit on it until I get home and then continue on where I left off until you need to know.
I think I'll leave it as a NEED TO KNOW BASIS...let's just say this. It's never boring in my experience here. I am sad. That much I'll share and yet, my faith is telling me, I'm having this
laid on me for a DARN GOOD REASON, so that once again, IT'S A GOD THING. NO DOUBT!
I actually think, I may have prayed for this. don't think I'm that crazy. I don't mean I prayed for a nasty surgery and two months of being laid up with an imobilizing neck brace 24/7. I mean I've been praying for direction to either open a door or SLAM it SHUT so that I'd know clearly which way to go. This my friends, is more than a slammed door, it's an all out BRICK WALL! let's call it an answer.
SO, I will be writing my next chapters while I'm home recovering remembering to add this life experience to the mix. All kidding aside, this is pretty intense. But life IS, my friends. the sooner we embrace that as a part fo the process here, the less likely we are to be blown out of the water when these challenges come our way and will learn to embrace the CHALLENGES these waves of change ultimately bring...if we see it as such. I'm frightened but excited. A new day is coming and a new chapter needs to be written. truly, life is an adventure and it's soooo GOOD!
Until I return, live large and learn to embrace change..cause like it or not, take it to the bank, it's coming. How we view it is how we'll use it...thanks for your patience. THIS IS MY LIFE!

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