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Monday, October 19, 2009

So it BEGINS..

I'm so glad to FINALLY be sharing this all with you. As I look back at my life and career over the past 19 years in the Fitness Industry, it can best be described as an exciting yet harrowing odyssey!
I wouldn't change it. I'm thrilled I've lived it. As of today, I'm still on this journey... but it's changing. So for now, I want to say that this will be a blog of what I will call Candace's SELECTIVE DISCLOSURE ACT! Here's what that means. I PROMISE to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me GOD. I don't take that lightly; however, it's up to MY DISCRETION to decide whether or not to share every detail of each event. I will share only what I feel I can without hurting others involved by bringing certain details to light. According to my SELECTIVE ACT, the real names of individuals involved will not be used! Hurting others won't happen here...that's not what this BLOG is about. I will not wound anyone by sharing details that would do so, and that's that! SO, for now, it's full steam ahead.
Be prepared to be shocked and surprised. You will laugh and maybe cry. I know I will as I recall things that rocked my world and are still happening each day. So here it goes, it's flash backs and current days.
I'm stoked. "MEMOIRS of a FITNESS DIVA" is the book that has been whispering ... "write me Candace, write me". Well not just yet, but we're on the road to FULL DISCLOSURE! I find it more than humerous that the word DIVA is involved. I learned a long time ago that perception is reality; I realize that many have more than likely perceived me as such. Those who REALLY know me would tell you that if there's one thing I'm not, it's a DIVA! I've also learned when that still small voice whispers something to you over and over and OVER again, you don't mess with it. So DIVA it is!!! My intention is to entertain you with what I've HAD to find funny even though difficult in my personal experiences, while motivating you as well. I want you to see someone who has pushed the barriers of what isn't supposed to be possible inside a fit but defected physique. I want to tell how, by using the power of our minds and faith, we can KNOW that ANYTHING is possible.
Until I return for day ONE, you need to join me on this blog so you can ride along.
I PROMISE you won't be bored!!!


  1. Hello Candace,
    Your blog looks great. You are a great writer. I can't seem to see anything after the posting on 10/19. Is there more?

  2. No...I wrote this while I was away on vacation as it came to me when I was out running (as often happens). We knew we needed to get the blog rolling but I was inspired with what had been running through my mind while I was physically running and when that happens I "run" right to my computer and put it down. SO I did..but promised my husband after that there'd be no working until we were home.So I was playing catch up last week after returning home,hired two more employees etc. so it It starts this week, that's why it says "UNTIL I return for DAY ONE"....buying myself some time, knowing it was going to take at least a week or more to get back.
    Start watching now...hope you enjoy. thanks for your kind words and also for being a referece for me with PowerBar. Love you dear...Candace

  3. Wow Ms. Candace I love how hardwworking, and dedicated you are to keep up your body. Ive always had a problem trying to keep a flat stomach, I would work out and diet and still I would'nt see any results. Me and my sister want to say fit and keep up good eating habits! Your website is very encouraging!!

    Thanks for your card today